Fi4Females is a place that supports women from the inside out, no diets, no pills and no weight loss shakes.  We run Fitness Programs that help people get strong, lean and confident.  More than our Boot Camp or Stroller Classes, we support our members with nutrition tips and education that helps them achieve success.  This is the story of how our incredible member Carla lost 60 lbs. and is loving her Forties!

Carla Before


“I joined Fit4Females in May of 2013 and this is my journey of how I lost 60lbs.  I didn’t realize how life changing my experience would be and continues to be as a member of such an empowering, motivating and inspiring group.  But let’s back up a bit…

I’m a mother of two beautiful boys…Jack a precocious, loveable and extremely active 4 year old and Matthew a peaceful, sweet and always smiling 1 year old.  As the mother of a newborn at the age of 42 I wanted to ensure I gave myself every possible chance to live a long and full life with my boys.  I want to chase after them on the soccer field and dance around the kitchen for many years to come.  I want to do the same with my grandchildren many years from now.

I started my fitness and wellness journey with F4F when I was 3 months postpartum.  It was always our desire to have a 2nd child. Shortly after Jack turned 1 we were shocked when after 2 days of excruciating pain I had to be rushed to the hospital.  I had collapsed in my home apparently with a significant amount of internal bleeding.  I thought I was having an appendicitis attack but found that I had an ectopic pregnancy.  We had no idea we were expecting so it was a time of shock for us followed by sadness and then a reality check that maybe having a second child wouldn’t be so easy.  We had no idea just how difficult the journey would be.

I spent the next 3 years trying to get pregnant, getting pregnant followed by miscarriage, 4 in total.  A very painful and sad time for us.  I had every possible test, saw more Doctors then I can count, travelled across country to visit a fertility clinic…searching for a reason, a solution… always being told the same thing…your results are “normal”… there’s no explanation.  Finally after working closely with a Naturopath, Baby Matthew arrived.  People often ask me “does Matthew ever cry?  He is always so happy.” My response is always the same…”it takes time to make a perfect Baby”.  He truly is perfect in every way.

During that time I was afraid to do any exercise for fear of losing a baby.  When I started with F4F I hadn’t been active for a very long time.  I’ll never forget my first Stroller class when the first warm up exercise was 25 step-ups.  I thought I was going to pass out after 5!  I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Gradually as I chatted with the other Moms and read the success stories online I set a goal for myself that one day I wanted to be one of Trina’s success stories.  I reached out to Trina and asked her to do a Total Body Package (TBP) assessment.  For several months I felt like I was “stuck” at the same weight.

Slowly Making Progress

2013-07-26 09.13.58

I did feel stronger, happier and could feel my endurance improving so I did not give up.  By October I had lost about 10 pounds but was bewildered why I wasn’t losing more weight.  I was going to 3-4 classes a week, working hard but not seeing the results I would have expected for the amount of time and energy I was investing.

Then one day during parachute time, Trina asked the group if we were feeling like we “weren’t getting results” and that we needed to ask ourselves what we were doing outside of class that was negating all of our hard work.  I felt like she was talking to me!

Shortly after that she announced the Pilot Project (now known as 8 week Express Fit), and I knew it was just what I needed to complete my wellness journey.  While I wasn’t eating “bad” there were definitely some fundamental changes I needed to make.  I was selected for the Pilot Team for Express Fit.  The advice, the mentoring, the motivation, the peer support and daily communication with the other participants were just what I needed.  Within 2 weeks I lost 8 pounds and 8.5 inches.  By the end of the 8-week Pilot I lost 25 pounds and 21 inches.  In the weeks since the Pilot concluded I lost another 13 pounds and 5.3 inches.  In total, since my first weigh in last June I have lost 60 pounds and so many more inches.  That’s what I lost, what I have gained is priceless!

It has changed my life forever.  I gained endurance; I am running around the soccer field with my son.  I am dancing around the kitchen carrying both boys.  I am running up stairs instead of taking the elevator.  I can do 25+ step ups, I’ve lost track of how many Burpees I’ve done, I can do 10+ pull ups on the equalizer bar and I can run around the gym without feeling like I’m going to pass out!  I’m eating better, living better and loving life!

I gained confidence.  I have very few photos taken with my family because for so long I didn’t want see pictures of myself and if I did I would always delete them.  I’m happy to share that during our Family trip we hired a photographer to take some family pictures and I’m so pleased with how they turned out.

November 2013 Before Trina’s Coaching Program


I used to dread going shopping.  There were so few stores where I could find my size and if I did it was so difficult to find clothes that actually looked flattering and in style.  Well today I went to Mapleview Mall and was so excited that I could shop anywhere I wanted!  I bought a pair of skinny jeans!  I haven’t worn jeans in years.

I went through my closet and removed over 4 bins of clothes that are now too big.  I took 8 business suits to the Tailor to be taken in and for the first time in about 20 years I wore a two-piece bathing suit on vacation!

I gained a strong foundation to build on…now my journey continues. My last stroller class was be Tuesday, March 18th 2014.  My next challenge will be to continue to make fitness a priority and to remain committed to eating and living well.

After March 2014


Finally the most special thing that I’ve gained by being a member of F4F are the lifelong friendships I have developed.  To be surrounded by so many inspiring women is incredible!  We have laughed together, sweat together, even cried together!

My deepest thanks to Trina for helping me find my true potential.  I will follow you anywhere!  As someone who has worked in a leadership position for most of my 18 years with RBC I have the upmost respect for Trina as she is someone who leads with passion, authenticity and that genuinely cares about everyone she comes into contact with.” – Carla Trudeau

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