As a certified Fitness Professional with more than 16 years of experience, I am constantly looking to enhance my skills as a Team Leader and Coach.  I choose carefully who inspires me.  As a result, I am a Master Student.  This weekend I embarked on an powerful certification course with one of my Team Leaders, Amber Hoar, led by the incredible international Leader Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert.  He is no fake Sergeant, he is a real U.S. Military Sergeant and trains people all over the world including Soldiers.  What an honour to learn from him and hear stories of what he has over come and endured.  He is a hero to many of us and I am grateful to call him a mentor and friend.

Boot Camp Certification with SGT Ken

Sgt Ken boot Camp

Staff SGT Ken is a Six-time Soldier of the Year, Master Fitness Trainer and veteran of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm. Ken founded START Fitness.  If you are in the USA, he is your man!

Amber and Trina still smiling after intense training at  canfitpro with Staff SGT Ken Weichert

sgt ken

Resilience is the word that stuck with me.  What does resilience mean to you?  I believe it’s pushing harder and farther than you ever thought possible, being capable of doing and withstanding things you never dreamed of, believing in yourself, coming out stronger than ever and getting out of your comfort zone.

I was lucky to sit in the crowd and have a personal shout out by SGT. Ken in front of all of my peers.  He told the group that he embarked on a journey with Canfitpro 6 years ago and felt inspired by me to keep returning.  Can you believe that I inspired him?  I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment to have had a small hand in this incredible Leader returning to teach all of us “keener” Fitness Professionals.  I have become a better Leader because of it and I realize that I never give myself enough credit for the Leader and person that I am.  Here are some of the things that I learned and was reminded of this weekend.  Hopefully something will resonate with you…


Always believe in yourself and give yourself credit more often

You are always a Team, never forget about your Team and who will support you to the top

Every now and again find out what you are made of, work to failure and fatigue

Always have an AAR – After Action Review:  this can pertain to your professional or personal life – make a list of things you did well and things you want to improve – I live by this list!

Play like a kid – don’t always be so serious, remember to have fun

Always be a Master Student, never stop learning

Lift someone up every day – be the person that believes in them

Amber and Trina

Fatigue and Failure?

Here is a great video of Amber and I working to failure.  I remember thinking I just physically cannot do one more rep before I face plant.  My coach Amber was pushing me forward.  I am proud to to have trained Amber from the beginning and see what an incredible Team Leader she has become. We had already endured hours of though Boot Camp.  Here is one of your Team Leaders pushing through what we ask of you every class.

Mark my words, I will bring Staff SGT. Ken to Fit4Females and we will have him at class to inspire us and kick our butts.  Stay tuned we have more to come on Breaking Emotional Eating Patterns.

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Yours in health, fitness and wellness

Trina Medves,

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