Body image is a big problem for many of us.  There you are, checking yourself out in a mirror or standing in front of one criticizing everything that you don’t like about your body, face, skin, hair, etc.  My clients tell me all of the time “I can’t stand my body, I’m so self conscious.”  We have all felt self conscious about our body.  Regardless of whether it’s extra weight that you want to lose, stretch marks from children or other, varicose veins, large thighs, muffin top, too small/big boobs, flabby arms, or butt, etc, you are making it worse than it really is.

I can’t stand my body, I’m so self conscious

Many of us spend too much time criticizing ourselves and comparing ourselves to other women.  Why can’t we just accept what is amazing about each and every one of us?  That would be too simple.  There are just some things that can’t be changed unless you want plastic surgery.   That is the reality of life.

My mother was the most beautiful woman on earth both inside and out.  She taught me at a very young age to “Trina, walk proud and confident about yourself and your beliefs every day of your life.  Even when you don’t believe in yourself.  People will see your head high and believe that you are confident, even if you are having a self conscious day.  You will spread your confidence to the world and it will come back in return.  Always walk with your head high Trina and be true to yourself and proud of who you are”.

I carry those words with me every day of my life.  Every time I start to doubt myself as a woman, mother, leader, person, wife and friend, or criticize what I don’t like about myself, or wish I had or wish that I could be, I remind myself of my beautiful mother and her very true words.  Here was a woman who was so beautiful and full of life that everyone stared at her when she entered a room.  Her presence commanded attention.  She never knew how amazing she really was or what an impact her words would carry.  She has moved on to be my angel.

Stop focusing on the negative!

Instead, focus deeply on the things that you can control.

Focus Tip Number 1

Replace your negative thoughts. If you can believe all of the negative things you tell yourself, rest assured if you repeat it enough you will also start to believe the positive things you repeat to yourself.

Focus Tip Number 2

Invest some time focusing on the food and drinks that you put into your body. Drink more water, eat your veggies – I know you already know deep down inside what you need to do.  Go ahead and take an inventory of what you are putting in your body.

Focus Tip Number 3

Prioritize your activity even if it’s at home, 5-10 min, move!!

Focus Tip Number 4

Learn to love your body.  Healthy and happy body image is where it’s at (even when you don’t believe it on some days).  What are you comparing yourself to?  You should want to be the best version of you possible.

The next time you are standing in the mirror, pay attention to your thoughts.  As soon as you are able to acknowledge the negative thought “I hate my rolls”, remind yourself to focus on something you love about yourself “I love my face”.   It takes lots of practice and reminding yourself.

Losing the last 10 pounds won’t make you happy

I can assure you that once you get to the next stage and lose that “last 10lbs” you will start criticizing something else physical about yourself.  The problem is not our bodies, it’s our distorted thinking.  Stop comparing yourself to anyone else and go back to a picture or body type that is specific to yours.  Be realistic in your choice.  Perfection does not exist, but it can if we change our thinking.

Pick a real life person that inspires you everyday to be a better person.  When you are struggling, remind yourself what you love the most about yourself.  If you are having trouble finding something that you like about yourself, you need to dig deep and figure out the cause of your negative thinking.

Compliment a stranger today!

I leave you with this, compliment a complete stranger today.  A true from the heart compliment that is going to brighten someones day and make them feel so good about themselves that they will return it to the world.  I met a Mom at a Birthday party for a friend a short while ago.  We got to chatting and at the end of the party she said “you really should insure your butt, honestly you have the greatest butt!”  What a nice compliment from someone who I barely knew.  Return to the world and compliment someone else.

Stop putting out negative energy into the world and start focusing on the positives 1 minute at a time.   You are beautiful.

As always, I welcome your comments and thoughts.  Mostly, thank you for your read and find something good about you right now.

Walk with your head high!

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