Putting on and tying up my shoes is not something I gave any consideration to until I had surgery on my hip.  10 months ago my life was changed and turned upside down.  I was shifted from being a strong and powerful every day athlete to being completely debilitated. I had surgery for a labral tear and CAM impingement in my right hip and I couln’t dress myself, walk, tie my shoes, sit on the toilet, shave my legs or sleep in my own bed.  My life with my 3 kids changed and so did all of my physical abilities. My mental strength was put to the test. 10 months later I am still not fully recovered but I am well on my way. I promise to post my journey to help others.  For now I would like to share a milestone.  I can almost tie my shoes perfectly! Give me a HIP HIP HOORAY!


Don’t take anything for granted, enjoy every moment of your health and remember that you can recover from anything.  For all those with an injury or who have had surgery on your hip, time is your friend – well it’s kind of your enemy because you feel so impatient but small goals and milestones will keep you moving forward. You can read my Painful Surgery Journey here.

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