Are  you feeling overwhelmed?  How about a little relaxing inspiration from your Cyber Coach?  I can’t believe I launched my new Online Training Program in Dec 2015 when only 18 months before, I almost gave up and threw in the towel.  I was in pain 24 hours a day, I gained weight, suffered an unavoidable injury, had Hip surgery and wanted to QUIT.  Trying to keep it together while running a business, maintaining a household and caring for 3 young kids was a challenge.  Fitness was my life but I was debilitated and depressed.

Trina Before and After

Then I said “WTF, pull it together Trina”.  I hired 4 coaches that changed my life and 8 other Health Professionals to rehab me back to a stronger version of myself.  It was a full time job, it cost a ton of out of pocket expenses, but it didn’t matter because I needed the best so I made it work.  How much is your health and happiness worth to you?

Cheap is not always the better deal!  There were cheaper and less qualified people and I could have settled for less, but I knew I had to work with the BEST to get the best results possible.  Why do we have no problem blowing money on take out, coffees, and so many useless things but when it comes to spending it on bettering ourselves we hesitate? BS!

Make it happen!  Make it a priority and jump on board with me.  I get it!  Health and wellness should be at the top of your list.  When I couldn’t walk, shower alone, dress myself or tie my shoes, I would have paid anything to just go for a walk and be active.

Sara 8 weeks june

Sarah was really struggling so she signed up for my Coaching Program because she was a coke addict.  Hold up, that sounded bad, I meant Coca-Cola addict. In just 8 weeks, she kicked her pop addiction, got her SH!T together, lost 12.6 lbs, 4.3% Body Fat and 7.9 total inches.   

#1 Sara 8 weeks nov side

Fast forward 6 months, she is still Coca-Cola free, is 26lbs lighter, lost 6% more body fat and 17.8 total inches

Listen, your choices for Programs and coaches are overwhelming on social media so why should you hire me?  16+ years of experience, I am certified, a Fitness Expert and it’s not just a cookie cutter mass produced program, you get ME holding your hand with you and online group coaching!   Plus all of my knowledge, support and a bucket of information that will transform your life.  If you are ready to invest in you, jump over to my 8 week Transform with Trina Challenge and check it out.  I can help you just like I helped Sarah and hundreds of other women.

It’s Time 4 YOU!

Whether it’s online or in class, we have the solutions 4 you! Check out the current schedule.  If you are sick of your own excuses and saying you will do it tomorrow then jump on board with us.  We can HELP!

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