Welcome to 2016!  Are you ready for what this year has to offer?  A New Year filled with new opportunities.  We kick off the year with shining the Spotlight on Jodi who has been with us since July 2014 and the changes she has made by attending F4F are remarkable! “In July 2014 I was an 8/10 and now I’m a 2”.  Full success story here.

Jodi Nicholson, Member Spotlight

How do you stay committed in a busy schedule?

I’ve learned it’s okay to take time for myself.  Attending classes have become part of our family’s routine and worked into our schedule just as my kids & husband’s activities have been.

What draws you into coming back each session?

Hands down the environment!  The family F4F has built is like nothing else.  Everyone from the Team Leaders to the members are welcoming, encouraging and so very positive!  I look forward to classes & the energy/satisfaction I take away with me at the end of every workout.

Any encouraging advice you can share with our Readers?

Don’t give up and set challenging goals…you will succeed!!

What was the best part of your sessions so far?

The best session yes was my summer session winning a FREE Hard Core membership for ONE YEAR during an amazing Karma class!!!

Time 4 Change

In a time where you are blasted with making/keeping New Year’s resolutions, I ask that you simply just reflect on where you are in your life and see what changes you truly want to make.  No empty promises or quick fixes just dig deep and ask yourself this; “Am I happy with myself right now?”

Did you answer no?  What can you do right now to succeed in making yourself happy? Maybe it’s taking a hour out of your week and leaving everything at home to just sweat it out.  Fit4Females can help with that!  Check out our Schedule and make yourself a priority for 1 hour a week!  There is 168 hours in a week, I am sure you can spare an hour to make a small but impactful change in your life!

Need a nudge in the right direction?  Check out the 10 Fat Blasting Tips to do right now!– click here and we will send it to you for free.  Start your 2016 off right!

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