Imagine starting to see abs in 7 days.  That’s what is happening for Bridget. Results are rolling in from our Fit4Females community in the 14 Day Challenge. Bridget says “7 days in I am starting to see abs without sucking it in.”  It’s your turn to feel good, join anytime here. Check out live training below “Getting rid of head trash”.  To catch the next live, for amazing tidbits and accountability, sign up here.  If workouts are slacking, try a free class here.


“I am starting to see abs in 7 days” Meet Bridget

Bridget joined the 14 Day Challenge because her self care was slipping and work was taking over. She also signed up for live online classes and shows up for herself when possible.  She decided to ditch:

  1. Excuses about working out
  2. Too much wine *set a limit
  3. Not drinking water and actually drinking more
  4. Snacks after 9pm
  5. Late night bed time

She made a plan, signed up for the 14 Day Challenge accountability emails and did this consistently. She even made a spreadsheet (that’s a woman after my organized heart). Here is what she has to say:

  • I’m starting to see my abs without sucking it in!
  • Drinking more water and less wine
  • Going the the bathroom more regularly *this helps with weight loss, reducing toxins and overall health


Accountability at it’s Best!


Can you see abs in 7 days?

Our abs are under there, covered by stress, work, not working out, not eating right, inflammation, alcohol, not drinking enough water and all of our excuses.

Start here:  drink more water, commit to your goals like Bridget, be consistent, move your body and eat less processed food.  You just have to commit to bring them to life.  A few things you can do to help your entire body, not just your abs

  • Sign up for the our 14 Day Challenge
  • Drink this Lemon Detox Water
  • Get to bed at a decent time
  • Reduce sugar
  • Move your body ===>  Sign up for a FREE class you will feel better almost immediately
  • Keep working at it CONSISTENTLY (notice I’m yelling that to you)
  • Track it like Bridget did

Get Rid of Head Trash

This training video teaches two tidbits to clear the head trash and clear the negative garbage in your head.

  • Pick something you need to fast but not “fasting like food”.
  • Fasting from “negative thoughts, resentment, anger, staying up too late, skipping workouts”.
  • Just like we “intermittent fast” let’s do the same with negative thoughts of trash in our brains.
  •  Bridget got results in just 10 days, imagine what yours will be.  Sign up free here.

#1 Recognize

Acknowledge the “trash” thoughts in your head. “I’m not doing my workouts, I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I’m too out of shape to do or wear that, excuse after excuse.

Your brain believes the fake stories you tell it.  It gives you proof that you “don’t have time to workout, you can’t lose weight”.  That’s a dangerous place, change the narrative.

#2 Redirect

Take an action step when you makes excuses such as “I don’t have time,  I’m too sore, I don’t want to, I’m too busy.” I did this quick 10 minute workout.  After, I felt so motivated and energized.  Try it.

In Conclusion

Taking care of your mental health will allow you to succeed.  Sign up for the our 14 Day Challenge and see what kind of progress you can make.

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Thanks for reading xo

Trina Medves


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