Are you ready to boost energy?  We feel overwhelmed with new routines, sleep schedules, kids back to school, getting back to workout routines and daily life.  Do you ever feel like your battery is low or dead? My nickname has been “energizer bunny” my entire life but when I feel drained, this is what I do to replenish and boost my energy:

Boost Your Energy by Eliminating and Delegating

This is hard to do but like anything, practice will make you much happier.

How to Boost your Energy:

  1. Do more of what makes you happy, even it’s small, it will create energy
  2. Move your body in anyway possible, try a free class here or this 15 min workout
  3. Walk or get out in nature
  4. Stretch, meditate, sit quietly for 5-10 minutes
  5. Plan daily Top 3’s for something exciting to look forward to, click here for details of how to do this
  6. Review your schedule: can you remove, delegate or finish something small for a win
  7. De-clutter anything in plain site so it’s less chaotic than your mind feels
  8. Journal what’s causing your energy to feel low
  9. Phone a friend

Stop Doing This

STOP:  Saying things like “I’m lazy, I should do this or that”, instead,  imagine your phone battery running low and needing to recharge your batteries to be amazing.

Start Doing This

START:  Being kinder to yourself, just like your electronic devices need to be charged so does your brain, body and soul.

Working out gives you energy but you have to sometimes “make” yourself do it.


I had a client who said “I can’t stand working out, I hate it”.

I asked “why do you do it then”.

She replied ‘because I feel incredible afterwards and it’s good for my body so I force myself.”

What good habit do you need to force yourself to do?

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Final Thoughts to Boost Energy

We don’t want to hear this but low energy is a sign we are doing too much.  Go ahead and boost your energy with one of the suggestions above or leave your comments below with how you boost your energy.  We are in this together.

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xo Trina Medves

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