It started with a simple question from a client in Cardio Booty Camp class. “How many calories should I consume?” Another client asked “How many calories do you consume in a day Trina?” My response:  “I don’t count calories but my guess would be at least 2000 per day”.  Her response… “Holy! That is a pregnancy diet!”

I have never counted calories, nor do I advise my clients to do it either.  It is too time consuming and interferes with life. Caloric intake depends on a lot of factors and we all require different amounts. These are my daily rules: Eat until you are full, be aware of portion sizes and make the healthiest choices possible. After all, I am fueling my body to raise 3 small children, run a business, be active, be alert and function to the best of my abilities.

I wanted to test my knowledge so, I embarked upon a “calorie tracking” journey using my Ipad and the MyFitnessPal program ( Check out my results:

Monday: 2103
Tuesday: 2252
Wed: 2461
Thurs: 2050
Friday: 2104
Saturday: 2060
Sunday: 2212

Total: 15,242      Daily Average: 2177 calories per day – I was right!

What did the calories consist of? 85% of the time I eat natural, organic, unprocessed food that provides me energy for my workouts and daily life including protein, carbs and fat with every meal. My diet for the week included ridiculous amounts of salad and raw veggies (seriously, lots, loaded with everything), chicken, seeds (chia, flax, etc) fish, eggs, nuts, quinoa, sprouted grain bread, protein shake (no additives), fruits, almond milk, whole grain/sprouted cereal, goat’s cheese/feta (no cow products), extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, etc. Alcohol was not included in the count and there was a night of Thai take out.  I stock my house with clean food.

I must train crazy to consume this many calories right? No, I am not training for a show and I am not trying to lose weight.  My training schedule consists of: 4 tough workouts/week including circuit training with cardio, weights, boxing and stretching – 60 minute sessions (my focus: increase muscle mass and maintain a healthy body fat%).

Are you surprised by the number?  To be honest, the calories are probably higher.  It was not a regular week for me as it was the week just before my vacation and I ate a bit less due to time constraints.  I should mention that the program kept telling me that if I continued to eat this many calories I would actually gain weight. I have been eating this way for a long time.  You have to know your own body. Pay attention to what you eat and how you feel. Find amounts that are right for you. Don’t get caught up in numbers. Be aware of portion sizes and make the best choices possible (nobody’s perfect, including me).    Live in balance with fitness, nutrition and wellness.  Balance is the key!

Thanks to my clients for always keeping me intrigued and teaching me along the way.  As always, thanks for reading and I welcome your comments and thoughts!

Thanks to Ben Elsass for capturing the beautiful photo above.

Yours in fitness, health and wellness,
Trina Medves

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