Need a Holiday DIET to recover from the BINGE?   Anytime a holiday approaches or comes and goes, we eat and drink too much.  If you live where it’s cold it’s even worse because you can cover up the extra Holiday DIET calories in your hoodies, winter coats and oversized anything.  I am passionate about getting people well and fit so I am dishing out some tips to lean out and recover from your Holiday Binge.   Are you living the best life possible right now? Stop waiting for injury, illness and no more excuses because the holidays must come to an end. DIET’s are CRAP, they don’t work but this is an Fit4Females Approved DIET!

holiday diet

Holiday Diet Tips to Recover

D – Do it Now – not tomorrow, not January 1st – commit to something that is no longer serving your health or waist line
I – Inspire to eat better, move and sleep more – no CRAP on a daily basis
E – EAT more food that comes from the earth like nuts, seeds, plants, water, fruits
T – Time and Tell – tell someone and plan your time.  How will you eat better? When will you move?  What time will you go to bed?  Take action on Time and Tell!

Try this 10 Day Kickstart


Holiday DIET Tibits

  1. Decide to be disciplined with reducing and replacing the foods that are not serving you with better choices and reduce your processed food
  2. You know it:  Drink lots of water – “How much water do I need?”  There is so much extra sodium consumed during the holidays that it makes us bloated!  Get rid of that bloat
  3. Eat one apple every day as a healthy carb.  Carbs don’t make you fat, CRAP makes you fat – sugar, too much – excess of everything, carbonated beverages, etc
  4. Eat protein: it’s excellent for for your skin, hair, nails and muscles – eat all varieties of plant based and animal if you are not a vegan – Check out the Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  5. Increase your daily Fibre to eliminate weight and pounds : chia, ground flax, veggies, etc.  Drink this homemade juice for 10 days to cleanse the Holiday Binge
  6. Decide on your treat/cheat meals set it weekly to look forward to.  Eat out but don’t binge out.
  7. Cleanse with this Hearty Roasted Vegetable Soup *clean out the toxins built up from the Holidays



If you don’t like where you are at today say “enough is enough” and start somewhere – ditch the sugar in your coffee, take a walk, order sauce on the side, try a healthier version of your favourite food or drink, make a new recipe (pinterest has everything), smile and pretend you have the perfect life right now and stop searching for it. Would you rather feed or fight disease?

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