Everything today is all about protein right?  We are reaching for more and more protein and wondering which protein is healthy? It’s the afternoon and suddenly your energy is crashing and you are reaching for carbs, sugary treats and caffeine for “fake” energy.  Try this Healthy Protein Parfait for weight loss, increased energy and for snack or breakfast.   This is also one of my favourite desserts to serve my guests.  Best of all, it is HEALTHY and easy to make with a great dose of protein, fat and fibre.

Healthy Protein Parfait Ingredients:

1/4 cup Plain Yogurt & 1/4 cup Vanilla

*preferably Organic Greek Cows or Goats or substitute with Coconut Yogurt

Handful of Organic Raspberries (7)

2 tbsp crushed nuts *pecan above

2 tbsp Chia Seeds

I never measure anything, I do not track my calories.  I just listen to my body.

Weight Loss Tips

  • Read food labels
  • Be aware of portion sizes
  • Be aware of added sugar
  • Be sure to consume enough calories
  • I never sacrifice taste with healthy eating.

Need extra help?

Our 28 Day Shape Up Challenge comes with 67 recipes, 28 day meal plan, grocery lists, workouts and more.  Jump onboard!  Enjoy!  Let me know what you think about the snack.

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