Give the gift of Health and Fitness this Holiday season.  Ask for your Fit4Females Gift Certificates or purchase one of our Fitness products.  Health and Fitness are so important and Fit4Females has the perfect gifts for you.

Fit4Females Gift Certificates

*available in any amount and they do not expire

*NEW Heart Rate Monitor

Ever wonder how many calories you are buring in your workouts and if you are working “hard” enough?  My heart rate monitor is the best piece of equipment that I own. Keep track of your heart rate and calories burned. $110 taxes included (reg. $129.99 plus tax)

*NEW 65 cm resist-a-ball Stability Ball

$20 taxes included (reg $22.99 plus taxes)

*NEW Boxing Gloves 10 oz. ATF Pro

$40 taxes included (reg $59.99 plus taxes)

T-shirts and Hoodies for the Hamilton Food Share
Purchase any t-shirt ($15) or Hoodie ($35) between Nov 20 and Dec 14 and feed the hungry .
All proceeds to be donated to the Hamilton Food Share


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