Healing an Abdominal Separation (diastasis recti) after having a baby is tricky.  Add the fact that Moms want their body back quickly and it can make it a dangerous process.  Natalie was able to accomplish both in our Stroller Fitness and Boot Camp Programs.  Did you know that you can do more damage from exercising or just getting in and out of bed?  You need the right Coach, Trainer or Therapist.

The pressure is big!  The majority of Moms are walking around with an Abdominal Separation (diastasis recti) and don’t even know it.  I know you feel exhausted and stressed about your body image and you feel like you have no time for yourself but here is a story for you.  Meet Natalie: “I have healed my diastasis, am no longer struggling with my body image, I am feeling full of energy, and I got my confidence back.”

Healing Abdominal Separation While Losing 60 Pounds

“I wanted to share with you that ever since joining your Fit4Females Stroller Fitness and Boot Camp Programs, my everyday struggles/challenges are becoming smaller and smaller.  I am officially at my pre-pregnancy weight and feeling great!  

My goal for the end of the last session was to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans without them unzipping themselves (embarrassing) and I did it!  

Now my goal for this session is to get to my wedding weight!  Even if I can’t get to my wedding weight, to at least look like I did at my wedding because I felt so confident.  

I want to thank Trina and Erika for everything you do.  You ladies are so motivating!  For the first time my husband told me I’m “small” which are words I’ve never heard before!  My sister complimented me saying my stomach has never looked flatter (even on my wedding day it wasn’t this flat).  

Because of you ladies, I have healed my diastasis recti, am no longer struggling with my body image, I am feeling full of energy, and I got my confidence back.  I was always so afraid to share my son’s age because I was worried people would look at me like “why haven’t you lost your baby weight?”  I gained almost 60 pounds when pregnant and I’m happy to say every single pound is gone 🙂

Thank you guys so much!!!  I really love coming to class and love you ladies and the group of girls!”

abdominal separation-natalie-before-and-after

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