Hair loss feels awful and I lost a lot of hair when I started treatment due to an aggressive disease.  Although I was doing all the right things to prevent hair loss like eating healthy, taking omegas, eating lots of protein, drinking water, taking supplements, it wasn’t helping. The hair loss continued until I supplemented with superfood capsules, fruits, veggies and replaced fish oil with a plant omega blend and eventually adding my favourite protein powder.

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Hair Loss “It’s longer and healthier than ever”

A friend visited and complimented how amazing and healthy my hair looked.  “Super soft, fuller, longer and no split ends she said. ”  She asked “what are you doing Trina?”  As we age, we can start to lose hair but it can also happen with stress, disease, treatment and so much more.  When I found out our Nutritionist had been using these superfood capsules on cancer patients, I had to try them.  My body was rough when I first started them, read my story here.

My 63 Day Transformation on the Products


“Your hair will eventually grow back”

I told the doctor that I was losing lots of hair since taking the medications.  He said “it will grow back”. Three years later it still wasn’t growing back and I am still on the medications.  Today my hair is full, healthy, shiny and barely any split ends.

What changed?

I kept up all the same habits, replaced my supplements with fruits and veggie superfood capsules and ditched my fish omega oil and for plant based omegas.

Will it work for you? 

It’s worth a try!  My results and those of my clients have been so positive.  No risk as it comes with a full money back guarantee including shipping if you don’t love it.  Full refund!  That set me at ease.

These capsules affect more than just hair and your kids can get their chewables or capsules free until age 25, ask me how here.  Not only am I benefiting but my kids are too (and free by the way!)

See for yourself, check it out here.  Please contact me with any questions.  You will become part of my Team and I’m here to support you.

Trina’s Tidbits:

This protein powder is my favourite and I use it in many recipes. Smoothies can help increase your daily plants and also with weight loss.

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Trina Medves

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