I never thought I would be able to grow food at home.  I have been trying for years and then I found this amazing Tower Garden and it delivers nutrients from Tower to table, no pesticides, sprays or harmful chemicals. You do not need a green thumb to grow food at home.  I started growing October 1, 2022, ate from it from November 10 onward.  We eat what we grow at home, no more produce waste and so far ate 20 plus salads plus lots of burger and sandwich lettuce.

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Grow Food at Home 

If you spend $20 per week on produce, this will pay itself off quite quickly! A few perks:
🌱 Save lots of $$$$$ in the long run
🌱 We have eaten 20+ salads in a month plus burger and sandwich toppings
🌱 No more grocery store runs for what you can grow at home
🌱 Seeing it live makes you want to eat it
🌱 It’s a beautiful conversation piece for your home
🌱 Kids will eat more just seeing it, growing it and planting it
🌱 Very easy maintenance, even I can do it!
🌱 I’m a fitness pro, not a growing pro but this makes it SUPER SIMPLE!
🌱 Less waste
🌱 No germs all over it like all the hands that touch it at the grocery store
🌱 Runs on a timer
🌱 No dirt
🌱 3x faster
🌱 Grows 30% more
🌱 Uses 98% LESS water
🌱 Year-round garden
🌱 Good-bye smelly wasted produce
🌱 Control what’s on YOUR FOOD!! No chemicals!
🌱 Equal nutrient density while soil quality is depleting
🌱 Perfect for occupying kids
🌱 Option to turn it into a business for yourself if you wanted to.
Let’s keep those fresh plants and veggies growing all year round!  If you want to take control of your food, diet and health I would LOVE to cha.t

Start to grow your own food with this Tower Garden

  • Save money, produce is so expensive
  • Produce shortages and contaminated produce is showing up for us
  • Self watering and easy to manage
  • No washing necessary
  • The timer does everything
  • Planted seedlings and ate food 40 days later
  • Tower Garden can grow 150 different wellness-promoting plants *excludes root crops such as carrots and potatoes—grapevines, bushes and trees
  • Purchase the lights so it grows faster, no sunlight required
  • You own it at the time of purchase
  • Pay monthly over 12 month instalments
  • No chemicals and it keeps growing after we pick and eat it!
  • Your tower does not include toxins, sprays or pesticides
  • Plants nourish and are disease fighting.

Check out the vegetables my kids grew


My kids planted and grew these vegetables from scratch.  It was so easy. Guess what?  They want to pick and eat it every day and are eating more greens with no chemicals. Investing in this was the BEST health decision. Check it out here,  Tower Garden.  Starts out as little seeds and in no time you will eat fresh produce that you grew.

What would you grow



Grow at home with your Tower Garden here.

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