It’s Thursdays with Trina and I challenge you to give.  Do good deeds, good karma and be good to yourself.  Remember that giving is extremely important and studies show that giving increases our happy hormones and boosts our energy.  You have to also remember to give back to yourself, sweat, eat right, meditate, hydrate and love and accept yourself for all that you are.  All of us are busy and stressed so it’s important to do the little things like smile at a stranger, give someone a hug, call someone you haven’t spoken to, give someone a compliment or any other small karma act that you feel passionate about.


Fit4Females is all about giving and I live my personal life exactly the same way.  I am all about good karma because I truly believe that what goes around comes around.  I would like to personally invite you to three special Karma events that we are hosting.  Two of the events are Karma Fitness classes for my dear friend Nicola Jones who is battling cancer.  This woman has done so much Karma work in her life she deserves a medal.

Karma Events for Nicola

Help me give back to her by sweating with us:

Tuesday, September 23 at 8pm

Wednesday, September 24 at 9:30am

We are giving away tons of prizes and it’s only a $10 donation.  Everyone is welcome, you do not have to be a Member to show up.

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