It’s Thursdays with Trina and I want you to get rid of the negativity in your life.  I have the honour of coaching women on a regular basis and for the passed 15 years of coaching, I have realized we are all the same.  We are all insecure, we are all givers, we want to help others, we need to be lifted up, we feel guilty for sometimes putting ourselves first and we just want to feel like we are getting love back from the people closest to us.

“I just don’t feel like I’m getting the support I need or my friends and family just don’t get it”.  Take some quiet time to evaluate exactly who surrounds your daily circle.  Sometimes you need to fire a friend, a client or take some much needed time out from those people that are dragging you down or just don’t get it.  If they do not support you and the decisions you make in life, it’s time to let go either permanently or temporarily.


Who is your support circle?  Who is making the effort to stay in touch, who is filling your bucket with positivity or being brutally honest when you need it, making time to rescue you when you need it and really supporting you at your darkest hour?  Who are you surrounding yourself with every day?  Who you choose to surround yourself with will shape your life.  It’s the decision between making great choices, eating healthy, being positive and being successful.


Recently I had to make some tough decisions.  Since my Surgery, I have been forced to evaluate my life priorities and the people who surround my bubble of life.  We all have to face reality at some point and realize that the people we love may not be the best choice for our health or our positive circle.  I am a “Life Cheerleader” for everyone that comes into contact with me.  I am almost always positive, I always find the good in people and I go out of my way to give everyone the support they need even without them asking.  I am a constant giver and sometimes I forget that I have to receive more.  I have to work hard at taking care of me and some people have had a difficult time with this.  They have not supported it fully.  Receiving is just as important as giving and allowing yourself to say yes to help is crucial to your well being.  Find the people that want to help you and let them.   For those who can’t support, let them go.

I have been blessed with an incredible support system in my personal life.  Some are long standing friends who have supported me at my darkest hour, others a new friendships who felt like they have been there forever.  Choose wisely.

In my business life, I have built an incredible team of the most supportive ladies.  Ladies that will bend over backwards and support me even at my darkest hour.  Despite their stressful and very busy lives, they come to my rescue, they help when they are able to and they respect and honour me by speaking positively and proudly of me.  They keep me in check when they think I am doing too much and they listen to my advice when I give them feedback.  I have built an empire of positive women and I am so proud they are in my life.  Meet our incredible Leaders at Fi4tFemales.  Although two of them are missing in this photo, they too are incredible, they are just missing in body in the photo.

Fit4Females Karma Trainers

Who surrounds your circle?

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