2013 is here and for many of us, that will ring in another “New Year’s Resolution”.   What is your resolution?  Start a fitness program, stop the late night eating, no junk food or lose weight?

Have you ever noticed that most people set the same New Year’s resolutions year after year never succeeding? The gyms are packed in January and by the end of the month, 80 percent of those people have fallen of the fitness, health and nutrition bandwagon.


Don’t make a resolution!  Make a GOAL including a daily, weekly and monthly goal.  Here are 4 tips from your Fit4Females Trainer:

Step 1: Find motivation!

If you want make a change (fitness, nutrition, weight loss, etc.) you’ve got to make the change!  YOU!  Nobody else can do it.  Get motivation and inspiration from a friend or  Fitness Professional.

Write down your goal and the reason why you want and need to achieve it.  Then, tell a friend, tell your Trainer, tell the world, etc.  Put your goal out there so that people will follow up with you making you accountable.


Step 2: Set realistic goals!

It’s not enough to say “I want a six pack, I want to lose 10 lbs.”.  Be specific and realistic.  For example:

–       I will attend Boot Camp classes 3x/week

–       I will run 10 minutes 3x/week to enter my first run in March XXXX

–       I will pack my lunch every day and set a reward meal for January 30

–       I will train and complete a 5k by March XXXX

–       I will have 1 treat meal per week

–       I will Plank every day

–      I will join a Mom and Baby program and lose the baby weight

–       Try some Fit4Females Free Fitness Challenges

Do not set a goal that is weight loss related – instead set realistic daily, weekly and monthly goals.  Are you writing this down now?

Step 3: Baby steps all the way!

Start with a small goal, sign up for a class and be sure that you like it, join a Fitness Challenge, write out your lunch plan for Monday to Friday, etc.  Small steps make a big impact.  Check out some of my healthy recipes here.

One of our Fit4Females members lost 44lbs.  It did not happen over night. She made small goals.

Step 4: Identify obstacles and create strategies!

We’ve all been there.  Trying to lose weight, in and out of the gym or fitness classes.  You will be busy with work, kids, home life and you will probably fall of track.  Brush it off, leave it in the past and move forward.

It’s a New Year and a New You.  I believe in you.  Do you believe in yourself?

No more excuses – work, kids, exhaustion, lack of time!  Pen it in the calendar, put it in your phone, put a small sticker on your wallet and phone as a daily reminder to get after it.   Join me in the 6 Week a New Year A New You challenge and get Lean in 2013!


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