(Updated May 13, 2021) How to get in shape fast is a question I’ve been asked over and over again. Health is wealth.  Just like “you don’t get rich with money fast”, you don’t get in shape fast either.  Now is the perfect time to for you to do it the right way. Being a Trainer and Expert in the Fitness Industry, I get asked questions like this all of the time:

How to Get in Shape Fast?

1) Do you measure and count calories?

2) You must eat no carbs or fat to stay skinny right?

3) Do you eat clean all of the time?

4) You must have been fit your entire life?

5) Do you workout 7 days a week?

The answers:

Goodness NO!



No!  What fun would that be?

Consistency is everything, work your muscles!


How to Get in Shape Fast

Google “how to get in shape fast”.  Most claims are false. You can’t get in shape fast but you can be in great shape for your entire life once you put the effort in daily.  It’s all about life choices.

When you don’t feel or look your best, you lose confidence, you don’t perform well at your job or in your personal life. It’s not just about how you look, it’s also how you feel and think.

Start Small

I lost 30 plus pounds during the most challenging time of my life when I should have gained double that. When I feel off track, I kickstart with my 10 Day Lean and Clean.


I got in the strongest and leanest shape of my life after the birth of my 3 children by making a decision and putting the work in.  You have to make it happen, nobody can do it for you.  Pick one or two of these and start small:

  • Hydrate: Drink more water
  • Food: Eat well the majority of the time
  • Sleep: Get more hours of rest
  • Workout: Consistently and make it challenging
  • Recovery: Relax, rest and laugh
  • Mindset: Positive thoughts (this is hard, practice daily)
  • Accountability: Hire a Coach or Professional, it will save you so much time and frustration.  Click here to see if I can help.

Perception vs. Reality

We have a “perception” of what it means to get and stay in shape and eat healthy / clean.  Distorted images of women on magazine covers along with ridiculous articles and products that “claim to help you do this and that” are a big part of the problem.

Companies push their “fitness, detox and diet programs” which are not always safe, effective or long term.  It’s best to go as natural as possible, download these recipes free.

You know those articles that claim “quick weight loss, fit pills and detoxes, drink our protein shakes and lose weight?” You don’t need them.


Restrictive Diets are Out

You should never struggle, overtrain or deprive yourself. Stop drinking your calories and you don’t have to workout out 7 days per week.  Sure, there are athletes and fitness competitors that train this way for photo shoots, competitions and to “appear their leanest”.  Carb cutting, dehydrating for muscles to show through and taking fat loss supplements is not healthy or something to do on the regular.  Detoxing, carb cutting and overtraining affects your hormones, moods and enjoyment of life.

If you have ever tried any diet in your life, you can attest to how “crazy” your mind feels when you are not eating right or enough calories.

Get in Shape by Starting Small

You do not need to exercise 7 days per week or eat 1000 calories per day to be lean and fit.  Start small. Put the work in to build healthy bones, a healthy mind and keep strong, fit and sane.  Avoid being an exercise-a-holic or diet guru.  This is when injury and muscle breakdown starts to occur.

Meet Stacey, she was frustrated then did our 28 Day Shape Up Challenge 


Each of us has a different furnace (metabolic rate) running inside of us.  Some of us are built tall, big boned, heavier on top, heavier on the bottom, etc. We are not created equal, however, you can all achieve leaner, stronger and healthier bodies when you do it right.

I workout because I enjoy it. Sweat pouring down my face, the feeling of failure at an attempt to do something, then the reward when I continue to struggle through and finally achieve, the positive impact that it has on my children and the people around me.  What is your motivation or why?

In Conclusion, How to Get in Shape Fast

You can’t do it fast but you can do it.  Try a Free Women’s Only Fitness Class.

Join me in one of our heart pounding, fun-filled, motivating classes.  You will always get the best at Fit4Females.

For food goals, download these recipes free. Be careful with the fitness and nutrition companies and the claims they make.  Ask questions and choose someone certified, knowledgable and personable.  When you enjoy it, it’s easier.

You have to like it and be able to stick to it for lifetime success.   I was put on this earth to educate, inspire, motivate and help you be your best.  So please let us help you today!

xo Trina Medves

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