Friday Fitness Challenge.  We get busy, tired and overworked.  Here is a Quickie Friday Fitness Challenge that you can incorporate into your day no matter where you are at.  TGIF!  Get ready to move your body.  Start easy with a quick 5 minute warm up and incorporate this short fitness challenge to target Arms, Butts, Hamstrings, Core, ABS and some Cardio HIIT!

Friday Fitness Challenge

T – 10 Tricep Dips
G – 20 Glute Bridges
I – 20 sec Incline Plank Hold
F – 20 Friday Jump Squats

Fit4Females RX:  Repeat this challenge 3 times

T – 10 Tricep Dips *on the floor face up

10 tricep dips: either on the floor in an incline plank from bridge with bent legs *find your incline plank and slowly lower your hips to the floor into a half tricep dip keeping elbows tight and wrists, elbows and shoulders stacked – do not pull away from shoulders

Progression:  do it on a secure step, chair against the wall or progress to the Lebert Equalizer bars if available to you

G – 20 Glute Bridges

Hip bridges on the floor or option to progress to a stability ball or ankles on a Lebert Equalizer Fitness bar

Lie face up on the ground, knees bent, feet shoulder width apart, engage the glutes and hamstring and raise hips up towards the ceiling challenging the back side of your body

SQUEEZE your glutes and core at the top of this movement
Head neutral
Hold and pause for a count of two at the top

Progression:  Try this Barbell Hip Bridge *be sure to progress with easy weight first


I – 20 sec Incline Plank Hold

friday-fitness-incline-plankSimilar to the tricep dip but without the dip and arm bend (option to bend the knees at a 90 degree angle or straighten completely)

Straighten the body in an incline plank hold progression keeping elbows tight and squeezing the shoulders back and down

Wrists, elbows and shoulders stacked – do not pull away from shoulders

F – 20 Friday Jump Squat

Start with your feet planted on the ground, chest up, shoulders back and down, hinge at the hips and drop your booty towards the floor and then return to starting position

Progression: add a jump when you power up to stand up from your squat

Work at your own pace, go through full range of motion and be sure to work within your abilities.  You are working to stay injury free and progress.

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