Time to A-T-T-A-C-K!  Long weekend is here and yes, the summer is half over.  Instead of seeing the glass half full, let’s rev up our success, fill up our cup and A-T-T-A-C-K!  I have 3 small children, I run a business, cook all meals from scratch, do groceries, laundry, tend to the house, maintain a marriage and try to fit it my own workouts and “me time”.  It’s not easy and sometimes I feel crazy!  How do I do it?  I set goals.  In fact, it would be impossible if I didn’t.  Join me and A-T-T-A-C-K your stress, troubles, lack of focus and weight problems.


F4F August A-T-T-A-C-K Challenge


  1. Build your own personal A-T-T-A-C-KIT.  Do an inventory of your life right now.  Are you focusing on too many things at once, eating too much junk, drinking too much sugar/alcohol, not getting enough sleep, depressed, struggling with bad body image / negative thoughts, not taking care of your body, over dosing on sugar, living in a cluttered home or office, etc?  Be honest and build a KIT you can achieve.
  2. Set a Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness goal.  1 item for each (I chose two this month)
  3. Write it down and post your goals in the comment section below and on our Free Facebook Fan Support Event
  4. Join our Facebook Support Group and get inspiration from our community group and LIKE our Fan Page for tips, support and inspiration
  5. Every Friday in August we will announce an A-T-T-A-C-K Fan Winner of the week
  6. Tweet us @Fit4Females and be sure to include the #fit4females or post on the Facebook Fan page Event tell us why you should be the ATTACK fan of the week. No emails.  If you’d like to participate and you are not on social media please use our blog comment section below.  Ask people to retweet, share on facebook, etc.
  7. Invite your friends, family and co-workers.
  8. Did we mention the Challenge is free and you can win FREE stuff?

Back on track


  1. There will be four Prize Giveaways to four A-T-T-A-C-K Challenge Winners (Aug 9, 16, 23 & 30)
  2. The weekly prize giveaways will be announced every Sunday on our F4F Fit Blog via Twitter and Facebook
  3. Prizes will include Gift Certificates, a Private Nutrition Meeting and an F4F surprise
  4. The A-T-T-A-C-K winners will be announced every Friday in August

Your Trainer’s Goals

Tip:  I keep everything in my iPhone and set reminders to help stay on track

August ATTACK Goals 

F4F Tips for Success

Pay attention. We all get side tracked multi tasking doing more things than we need to.  In the meantime it ruins productivity. Focus!

Be clear!  Every Monday at Fit4Females we post the MOW Challenge (motivation of the week) on our Fan Page Wall.  Be a part of the conversation and join our page for support.  Be specific and set a goal even if you think you might “fail”.  Don’t be afraid, put it out there, tell a friend, post it on our Facebook Attack Event and start the journey to success.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we have to refocus.  Either way, keep fighting!


Clutter Free:  My July goal was to get my office in order.  Too much paperwork, mail, files, etc.  Clear your mind, home and office.  Just like your workouts, one move at a time with a clear space.

Believe in yourself:  Be aware of your thoughts and self talk.  Recognize them and change it to a positive.

Strive for change, not perfection. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to make small changes.

Write it down. Follow Our Challenge steps above

You time!  Take time to focus on you, how things are going, whether your goals are realistic.

Now get out there and A-T-T-A-C-K.

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Valentine Smoothie Ingredients

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