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✔️ Home of Canada’s #1 2016 Fitness Instructor Specialist with canfitpro – Trina Medves

✔️ Safe workouts & modifications for all fitness levels *Online due to Covid-19

✔️ Motivational & Award WinningTeam Leaders

✔️ Inclusive Environment where lasting friendships are created

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Online Zoom classes, Outdoor classes and we have rental space at a Studio.  Please see schedule here for locations.

Classes run all year round, join us anytime!

First Class Experiences:

It is not so much the first workout that I remember (although I was very sore after) it was the first person I met in class that stood out.  I remember walking into class feeling scared and hopeless, thinking to myself “what did I sign myself up for?”  I didn’t know where to set up my mat or what to do and then a mom came up to me and introduced herself.  She was just finishing up her maternity leave and told me that she had lost over 50 lbs.  I stood in awe of her.  This member inspired me so much that day because I thought to myself if she could do it, then so could I.
Julie, attended Stroller and Boot Camp Classes

At my first Fit4Females class, I remember it was a very welcoming atmosphere.  Trina asked everyone to introduce themselves and provide a reason for attending the class.  She also stated that she never puts up with any member putting another down in any way.  That really resonated with me because body shaming and bullying can be so pervasive among women.  At a regular gym, you are anonymous.  At Fit4Females you are included and valued at every class.
Sue, attends Boot Camp classes

My first workout was enjoyable.  Not only was it challenging, but I felt safe.  I felt like Trina had full confidence in what she does and in helping adjust my workout for my prenatal needs.  I feel like I’m in safe hands with her telling me moves I can and cannot do.  She adjusts my program to fit my growing belly, but I’m still working just as hard.  She doesn’t take it easy on me just because I’m pregnant. That’s why I stay.  It’s the knowledge of cardio, strength AND pre/post natal moves.
Suzanne, attends Stroller classes

I LOVED the circuit training.  Every station is different and all the moves were easy enough to do no matter what stage of postpartum you are at.  There was no time to get bored.  There were lots of modifications and options available.  I loved that my baby was right beside me the whole time and that I could tend to him if I needed to.
Janette, attends Stroller Classes

Stroller Moms: If your babes get fussy during class, you can feed, nurse, change or do what you have to do. This is a super friendly mom, babe and toddler environment. I’ve been known to baby whisper those fussy babes so do not have any worries except getting to class.

Adults Only: I know it’s hard to get off the couch but all you have to do is arrive and we will do the rest. Accountability is where it’s at.