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Foam Rolling with Coach Trina


Foam Rolling Benefits

Think of foam rolling as “self massage” or myofascial release.

  • It can help with aches and pains, improve performance, aid in recovery and create better blood flow.
  • Rolling was a daily ritual when I was suffering from a Hip labral tear and CAM impingement (read my Painful Surgery Journey here).
  • There are different types of density / tension for foam rollers so start with the easiest density.

Calf Release & Tricep Targeting

Here is a quickie 11 second video for tight calf muscles and targets your upper body, triceps, core and build strength.

 #1 “Breathe”

  • Start at the top of your body to the bottom.
  • Breathe because it’s going to hurt.
  • We don’t want a ton of pain but if your muscles are tight, you are going to feel it.
  • Take it easy and gentle – no bruising!
  • Start small and breathe into it.

#2 “Find the Spot”

  • Roll away from where it hurts too badly.
  • Find a spot that hurts a lot?  How about the IT band?
  • Do not roll directly on the spot, work around it like a gentle massage while kneading dough (your tissue).
  • Take your time.
  • Use your legs to support and take the pressure off.
  • I love this for Quads and to target yor lat muscles too.


#3 “Booty Release”

  • Better that booty by releasing it.  My favourite spot is the glutes, they need release.
  • Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle of your booty.
  • TFL- tensor fasciae latae runs along the outer edge of the hip – have a gentle roll and see what’s happening.

#4 “Slow it Down”

  • Take your time, shorter rolls over the tender spots.
  • Breathe and spend time on the tighter muscles rather than the entire muscle that may not need work.

#5 “It feels like a workout”

  • You might sweat, it’s hard work if your muscles are tight.
  • Holding your body up in positions on the foam roller requires core strength, good balance and good posture.
  • Take your time.

Lucky for you, I will be posting more videos to help you rock your body the right way.  Take it easy, work hard, rest hard and play well!  Get after it and let me know how you like my Roll with Me Video!

The reason I dish out so much free content here is because I want you to better your life and health.

xo Trina

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