It is with pride and deep emotion that I share this Member Spotlight.  It took Shivaun a long time to say “yes” to being featured.  Shivaun has with me when I taught my first Mom and Baby class in 2004.  When I first started my Fit4Females business, she attended the first Stroller classes I ever ran.  I never realized that fitness saved her from rock bottom until this story.

Physiotherapy and a Mom of Two

We are proud to say Shivaun is still with us today.  In 2019, Shivaun joined the Fit4Females Team as a Fitness Instructor.  What an incredible addition.

As a Physiotherapist, Shivaun has constantly challenged me to push myself to be better a better Leader and to keep challenging her very advanced level in class.  It speaks volumes when you can have a Member for that long and especially someone that is in the Health Industry.

She is stronger physically and mentally than I have ever seen her.  As a Mom of two, she has been through her share of struggles, this story is filled with emotion and inspiration and coming back from rock bottom.

Over the years so many women have looked up to Shivaun for the beautiful strength and body that she has and her amazing positivity and encouragement in class.  I cannot imagine Fit4Females without her!  “We are lucky to have you Shivaun!”

12 Years and Fitness Saved her from Rock Bottom

12 Years and Fitness Saved her from Rock Bottom

Shivaun Member Spotlight

My Journey began…

“My journey with Trina and F4F started in January 2005.  I was a mother to a 5 month old and decided I’d better actually stick to my New Year’s resolution this time.  My gym offered a baby and me class and Trina was the Instructor.  First class I felt intimidated and overwhelmed walking in but I finished that class.  At the end, I felt motivated, challenged and HAPPY walking out of that gym and that’s a feeling that has never gone away. 

I graduated from single stroller, to double stroller to “I can’t believe I can get out of the house in the evening by myself” classes.  I moaned and groaned and laughed with dozens of amazing and inspiring women along the way.

12 years, rock bottom and the day I fell apart

One March day in 2010 the bottom fell out.  My high school sweetheart told me he was unhappy and soon asked for a separation.  I was heartbroken beyond words.  It’s hard when someone else’s decision impacts you so profoundly.  I felt helpless, hopeless and ashamed.

I struggled, grieved and lost 20 pounds (not the good kind!).  For months and all I wanted to do was crawl into a hole with my children and never resurface and I never told a soul, not even my family.  You have to force yourself to keep up with your workouts.  Choosing to do something good for myself, and, being a Physiotherapist, I truly believed that exercise was the best medicine.  

For the first time in my life, I was using exercise more for my mental health than for my physical health.  And I needed it.  It was my anti-depressant.  I would lie on the mat during the cool down with tears streaming down my face.  In those dark moments I would hear Trina’s positive words, and, week after week, I rebuilt myself.

Today I am healed, I am strong, I am happy.  I am proud of that.  I could join any gym or program but I believe in Trina and her passion, drive, energy, knowledge, strength, compassion and resiliency.  She has influenced countless women and helped them change their lives, and in doing so has created a real community.  The member benefits are priceless, you should join 🙂 “

Shivaun in Action with Incredible Muscles!

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