Week 4!  Can you believe that there are so many positive changes being made and so much weight being lost in 4 short weeks?  Having trouble losing weight?  Keep a food journal, take a look at your fitness plan, nutrition and sleep, etc.  Notice where you might be able to make small changes.  If you are losing weight, keep it up, don’t start to slack off beause you are getting results.  Remember this is a lifetime journey, it doesn’t end here.

This week was a blow out win by one F4F competitor!  Congrats to Julie Burgess-Nichols who I think we can agree is very inspiring!  If you didn’t get a chance to read her success story, click here.  Congrats to Julie who is quickly approaching almost 40lbs lost since February (she is a Stroller Fit  Client)!  That’s right, February!  This week was extremely close between all other competitors.

Next week is the FINAL weigh in.  There are so many of you separated between small percentages!  There will be one more gift certificate giveaway for the winner of week 5 but the grand finale is based on the running total from the beginning.  Give it all you’ve got this week.  Do not be late!  Please arrive early and schedule a time with me if we are taking final photos and measurements.  You cannot just show up, you must make an appointment for your final meeting if applicable to you.

Please join me for the 5 Year Fitness Celebration next Tuesday, June 26 at 8pm.  Please be sure to email RSVP or Facebook RSVP.  *Please  bring a small money donation for the Hamilton Food Share.

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Yours in fitness, health and wellness,

Trina Medves

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