Fit4Females is updating our website for you!  We want it to be fresh, helpful and exciting so that you can get all of the information that you need with a click of your mouse.  Check out how to win some FREE Prizes!  Plus, there is an additional prize just for entering and an extra prize to those who share their testimonial and photo on the Fit4Females Facebook Fan page!


STEP 1 – Submit Photos of:

  • you or your kids in any Fit4Females product (tshirt, hoodie)
  • you or your kids in classes doing workouts
  • you or your kids doing any exercise in any of our MOM challenges
  • you “Before” you joined Fit4Females and “After” joining F4F
  • Post natal clients: photos of you and your belly rocking any exercise

Please submit your photos via email or Facebook.  


STEP 2 – Tell us Why we rock! 

  • why Fit4Females is the best and different from all other places/programs
  • why Trainer Trina Medves is different from all other instructors/trainers
  • why you joined and any changes you have made since you started (physical, emotional, etc.)

Please submit your photos via email or  Facebook

Be honest!  “I joined Fit4Females to get in shape.  I was stressed and felt  awful in my clothes.  Fit4Females is different from anywhere else because it’s not only a place to exercise,  it’s a place I feel supported, comfortable and never intimidated.  Trina Medves is the best trainer because she is full of energy and life and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything!  She believes in every one of us 100%.  I went from wearing a size 14 to a size 8!  Bye bye fat pants”.


      1. Send us a Video testimonial and you are eligible for an additional and BIGGER prize.  I will be taking video testimonials in classes.  If you are interested, see me.  Wear your F4F shirts!
      2. Post your photos and testimonial on the Fit4Females Facebook fan page and you are eligible for an additional prize just for posting.
      3. Each person that sends photos and testimonials will be automically entered in a draw to win a $75 F4F Gift Certificate.

STEP 3 – Hit the SEND button

  • submit your photos and testimonials via email or  Facebook .
  • Email Trina Medves at: info (use the @ symbol) *no spaces -for spam purposes we have spelled out the email address
  • Please share this contest with everyone who has ever come to a class.


      • Submit your photos and testimonial by September 9, 2012
      • If we use your picture or testimonial on our Fit4Females Website or Facebook Page you WIN!
      • You must submit both a testimonial and photo/photos (bonus if you are wearing F4F product).
      • Bonus prize for all those who post on the Facebook Fan page and share share share the link.
      • There will be more than 1 winner so send it in now!
Share and LIKE us now and tell your friends
If we use your picture and testimonial on the Website or Facebook fan page, you will win 1 of the following:
      1. Photos and testimonial:  Fit4Females Hoodie and 3 free classes of your choice $86 value
      2. Facebook Photos and written testimonial on Facebook fan page: in addition to prize #1, you are also eligible for a Fit4Females Hoodie and t shirt and 5 class pass for video testimonial and photos $130 value
      3. Facebook Photos and video testimonial: in addition to prize #1 , you are also eligible for a Fit4Females Hoodie and tshirt and 5 class pass for video testimonial and photo
      4. All participants:  Every person that emails their testimonial and photos or posts them on the Fit4Females Facebook Fan page is automatically entered in a draw to win a $75 Fit4Females Gift Certificate.  That is just for entering the contest.
      5. Share now:  Spread the word, this applies to anyone who has ever been to a Fit4Females class, seminar, etc.  Past and current clients welcome.

Please note that by entering and providing us with your testimonial and photo, you are granting Fit4Females the right to use your testimonial and photos including but not limited to our website, social media accounts (facebook, twitter) on postcards and flyers, etc.  Thanks so much for inspiring someone else.

Good luck and thanks for reading and entering.
Yours in health, fitness and wellness,
Trina Medves



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