I had the pleasure of being a special guest on CHCH News today with Nicola Jones for her special Take it Outside series.  Our focus?  Targeting those “problem areas”!  We all know them, the back of the arms, the muffin top that won’t stop, those jiggly thighs, the booty that just won’t lift any higher, etc.   Need I go on?   The majority of us are self conscious, anxious and just dreading not being able to hide under our baggy sweaters and pants.  Well, have no fear, your favourite Trainer is here to help you look and most of all, feel your best.  This short and effective workout will not only make you stronger but it will give you a big dose of the “happy” hormone that you need to boost your confidence and find the sexy in you.  You can do this anywhere and incorporate your kids in it too!

Fit4Females Summer Fit Workout Part 1 – Core and Arms 

1- 10 dips on a bench (stability ball if you are advanced) – Progress with a dip and a leg lift

2- 10 mountain runners on each side (use a stability ball if you are advanced)

3- 45 sec Plank hold (more advanced on a ball) – Don’t have a timer?  Sing your ABC’s

4- 10 on each leg – Plank hold with a single L leg tap and R leg tap (more advanced double leg jack plank hold)

5- 10 on each leg – Plank hold with a single leg glute squeeze both on R & L leg

RX:  repeat all 5 exercises 3-6 times depending on your fitness level.  Start small and work your way up.

Be sure to click here to watch the video for Fit4Females Summer Fit Part 1 (cannot be viewed in explorer)

CHCH Summer Fit Part 1 with Nicola

Fit4Females Summer Fit Workout Part 2 – Butts and Gutts

Click here to watch Part 2 “Butts and Gutts”

Happy Workout!  Thanks for reading and as usual, please post your comments and share this link.  Like us on Facebook at the top of the page on the right.

Yours in fitness, wellness and nutrition

Trina Medves



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