Let me tell you that the results from this Challenge are incredible!!   Everyone is doing amazing and pounds are coming off.  Only 2 weeks in and people keep telling me their clothes are looser, they feel more energized, etc.  Keep it up.  What is your nutrition and fitness goal for the month of June?  This was a close win for the top person.  13 people were separated by .65%.   The top 5 were seperated by almost nothing (1.97, 1.82, 1.64, 1.59, etc).  Every bit of your nutrition and fitness counts so make sure you are eating well, working out and getting sleep.  Get to a class and check out the schedule here.   Remember, the early bird $75 Gift Certificate ends tomorrow!  Be sure to register asap for the Summer Sessions.

The $25 F4F Gift Certificate Winner is once again Aileen K with the highest percentage lost in week 2 of the Challenge!  Congrats and remember, don’t get too comfortable Aileen, it was a separation of almost nothing.  Reminder: Just because someone wins doesn’t mean they are going to win again.  It’s based on that week only, not a running total.

Another $25 is up for grabs in week 2 so stay motivated and PLAN your workouts and meals. Please click here to LIKE and Follow us on Facebook.

Yours in fitness, health and wellness,

Trina Medves

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