Being part of a team is inspiring, motivating and fun!  Join Fit4Females for a 5k run/walk on Saturday, March 9 at 1pm.  The course is 3k flat and 2k downhill (Hamilton Jolley Cut) ending at Slainte’s.  Join one of our Programs and start training now.

Receive $5 off when you use the code “Tim”.   Participants will also receive a Fit4Females T-shirt to wear during or after the run ($20 value).   What a great time to get motivated and be part of a team.  Register and run with a friend or family member.  This race is open to everyone.

Don’t forget to enter the code “TIM” to receive $5 off  – Register Now.

Set your goal now and run with us!  You will have so much fun.

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Yours in health,

Trina Medves

Fitness and Nutrition Specialist and Owner of Fit4Females

Voted Hamilton’s 2012 Best Boot Camp and Best Women’s Only Fitness Club

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