As mentioned on CBC News this morning, the Fit4Females 1k Kids and 5k Ladies only run was the second best event to be at today! Woo hoo!! What an honour of a mention!  I am so proud to have been able to help support the girls from the FAB Foundation!  They have amazing energy!  What a great cause.  The Fit4Females booth was a rocking place with high energy and fitness being had, both kids and ladies of all ages doing pushups to win!  Click here for the CBC mention.  Fit4Females is always the place to be!

Some pretty amazing prizes to give away today at the very successful event!  A push up contest for kids and each contestant got bubbles and a skipping rope!  Ladies only push up contest on your toes or knees to win a Fit4Females Gift Certificate. 3 baskets to giveaway including 1 for $255, 1 for $100 and 1 for $80 rewarded to the runner who came in last place (it was her very first run ever)!  Stay tuned for the winners!  They will be posted on the blog soon with some amazing professional photography shots!  Way to go everybody.  Click here for the 5k Ladies only Race results:
Yours in health, fitness and wellness,
Trina Medves
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