With your support, Fit4Females raised $1687 in just one hour at the Stroller Boot Camp class for Rare Disease Day on February 29, 2012 for our Stroller boy, Philip McLachlan.  We have raised $3,086 to date!  There is still time to donate.  I am so proud to have participated in this special event for Rare Disease Day for our very special members, Shannon and Rick McLachlan, parents of Philip McLachlan.  Philip just turned 2 and suffers from Mastocytosis as well as severe life threatening food allergies. What an emotional event!  Everyone came together.

Love, support, motivation and inspiration.

Fit4Females takes pride in providing a very supportive environment where people can come together and not only get strong and fit, but also meet new friends, feel supported, loved, motivated and inspired.  It is more than just a place to work out, it is a place that comes together to support each other when we most need it.  This event shows just that.


Thank you to our amazing Fit4Females family and friends who came together and supported this event in every way they could.  A special thanks to all of the volunteers!   Everyone stepped up to the plate. Thank you to all those that shared the event info, came to sweat in the Stroller Boot Camp class, sent personal messages of love, donated, etc. The event was a success because Fit4Females members are nothing short of AMAZING! 38 people came out to class, amongst the many others who donated in their absence (sadly they had to work).

This event touched my heart in so many ways.  The love I felt in the class is indescribable.  The emotions and support that was felt by the McLachlan family was nothing short of amazing.  They are forever grateful and so am I.

This event reminds us to cherish life, keep your head up, fight for what you believe in and draw strength in yourself and from of others when in need.  Love when you can, lean on someone and ask for help when you need it, stand up for what you believe in and know that Fit4Females provides an environment where anyone can come and feel loved, supported, welcomed, inspired and motivated.  Remember, there is nothing like the love shared between people.  That is what is most important.

I truly thank you for being a part of an amazing cause.  Share Fit4Females with everyone you know.  If you would still like to donate, please contact me at www.Fit4Females.com.  Deadline for donations is Tuesday, March 13.  A very special thank you to Kathy DeMerchant Photography for capturing images that will last a lifetime www.kathydemerchant.com.  All proceeds will be donated to Mastokids  and The Mastocytosis Society http://www.tmsforacure.org/welcome.php  for a Cure.


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