March is here!  You know what that means right?  Tank tops and shorts are just around the corner.  The Fit4Females March “Power Up” Challenge can be incorporated anywhere, so no more excuses.  Watch the video and just do it!

30 seconds on and 10 sec of rest for 4 full rounds.  If your form is compromised, take a break.

Power Up Fitness Challenge!

Core crunches – 30 sec centre crunch, L oblique crunch, back to centre, R oblique crunch, repeat – Always come back to the centre.  Advanced:  do this on a stability ball and add a weight or medicine ball for increased intensity

Rainbow Squat30 sec hold 1 weight – squat with weight in R hand, on the upright stand transfer the weight in a “rainbow motion” to your L side, repeat (transfer in front of the body, not over top of your head)

Overhead tricep press – 3o sec using 1 heavy or 2 light weights Adv:  on a ball (on the 1st and 3rd round only).  You will alternate round 2 and 4 with front to side plank

Front Plank to side plank – 30 sec plank on your forearms, switch to side plank L, back to front plank, then R, repeat slowly and keep your spinal alignment in check (roudn 2 and 4 only)

Have fun and be sure to perform 4 sets in total.

You will alternate the OH Tricep press (round 1 and 3) and Front to side plank (round 2 and 4) for 2 rounds each.  Add 2 extra rounds for extra intensity.

Click here to see the instructional video from Trainer, Trina Medves:

What are you waiting for?  Do it now!  Please leave your comments.

Yours in health, wellness and fitness

Trina Medves


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