Fit4Females is so excited to announce our very own Ladies only 5k Run/Walk and Kids only 1k Run/Walk on Saturday, May 26th, 2012 at 11am at the Hamilton Bayfront Park.  No worries, it’s the weekend after the long weekend.  This is Hamilton’s first ever “Ladies only” run.  Let’s make it a big success!

Set your goal right now and register as soon as you are done reading this.  I want this race to be a huge success for all of us.

1k Kids Run/Walk will start at 11am (all kids will receive race medals).

5k Ladies only Run/Walk will start at 11:30am  – Join us and be part of a team.

Photo by Kathy DeMerchant

It is so important to be active and instill a healthy lifestyle in yourself and your children.  Tell your schools, work, family and everyone you know about this run because everyone is welcome.

Early bird discount of $5 off until May 14 and an additional $5 off when you enter the code “Tim”.   Please do not wait to register, do it now so that you are guaranteed to do it.

This event is raising funds for the FAB FOUNDATION, which helps inner city girls train and compete in 5km races in our area.  Please help out and join this event.

Click here to register:

It’s going to be amazing weather and special prize giveaways from Fit4Females and more…
Race Kit Pickup:   You can still register in person! Grab a friend and convince them to run.  Leave time for your race kit tomorrow between 9:30am and 10:45pm, there are almost 300 runners or so.  Proudly wear your Fit4Females shirts for the photos before the run at 10:30 with our special Photographer.
Start times: 1k kids starts 11am 5k Ladies only at 11:30am  (anyone can run with the kids in the 1k, men or women) Bayfront Park at Pier 4.  Meet me there early for group photos at 10:30 or so
Fit4Females Race Prep:   1) eat well today and tomorrow   2) hydrate today and tomorrow   3) charge IPOD and Cameras   4) WEAR your Fit4Females shirt for the photos and if it’s not too hot for after for photos /AFTER the bar  5) Go to bed early   6) Don’t stress, it’s amazing fun   7) Relax and enjoy your run! 8) Pick up your race kit   9) RELAX, YOU ARE GOING TO BE AMAZING!   10) Leave earlier than you think, you don’t want to be stressing about running late, there are always hiccups along the way.   11) plan for rain or shine. Dress like it’s 10 degrees hotter than it actually is. When you run you get hot.   12) Eat breakfast and then eat something before the run (2 hours before, an easy to digest carbohydrate, nothing heavy. 13) WEAR YOUR SHIRTS PROUDLY 14) visualize your plan for your run (ie: run walk, hard at the start easy end, easy start hard finish) Don’t forget if you are using music to figure out tempo, too fast music makes you run fast, mix it up.)
You will be amazing!

Yours in health, fitness and nutrition,

Trina Medves


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