I love this month’s challenge because it incorporates total body in a quick workout.  My favourite way of training is a circuit style to get your heart rate up as quickly as possible with weights and cardio.  This challenge incorporates strength, core, upper body, lower body and cardio. It hits everything!

Tabata style circuit – 20 sec on, 10 sec of rest.  If your form is compromised, take a break.  Always be sure to warm up and stretch properly in order to avoid injury!

Challenge is on!

2 frog jumps as far as you can jump, 2 pushups – 180 turn repeat – Beginner 4 lunges, 2 p/ups

2 Back lunges with a Trunk Twist – use a weight – twist towards the leg that is stationary (ie: if the L leg is forward, twist L – use your ABS!).  Do it once on the L and once on the R.

Stability Ball Hamstring Bridges – If Advanced: Stability Ball Hamstring roll in and add weight.  No ball?  Do it on the floor.

Repeat all of the above 3 exercises for 4 sets in total.

Tabata Total Body Burn Workout from Trainer, Trina Medves:


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