December’s Motivation of the Mom (MOM) Challenge is perfect for this busy holiday month, when overeating and lack of exercise take over.  To intensify this challenge, perform 3 set of all 8 exercises.

It is an 8 minute challenge called BRING IT!  You can increase or decrease your intensity.  Try to minimize your rest in between each exercise and complete your Plyo Jumps as quickly as possible with good form.  Remember to land softly and quietly on the ground.

3 Plyo Jumps every minute on the minute (more beginner, add 4 squats with a leg lift for core challenge).  Plyo’s will start and end the challenge and are in between each exercise.

1 min Partner Band rowing (no partner: use a railing or secure post and do 30 sec bent over weighted row)

1 min Stiff leg weighted Deadlifts (flat back, no rounding)

1 min Stabillity Ball pike or Ball plank (beginner: use the floor, work up to toe planks)

1 min Weighted Squat with outer thigh leg lift

1 min Plank Jacks on a stability ball or floor (beginner: use the floor and stick to a basic plank)

1 min Sumo Overhead Squat with weights

1 min Burpees (beginner: low impact wood chop)

1 min SB ball inner thigh squeeze and reach to touch the toes (keep your neck relaxed)

Fit4Females December Motivation of the Month (MOM) Challenge

Nutrition Challenge:  Cut back on treats so that you can enjoy holiday traditions and not have to worry about your waist line growing!  Nothing “enriched or unbleached” in your house.  Choose everything 100% whole wheat or whole grain.  Even better, choose “Sprouted grains”.  Take a look at everything in your cupboards.  You would be surprised what you will find in the ingredient list even if you think it’s healthy.  Eat your food or appetizers on a small dessert plate instead of a large plate.


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