23 competitors fought hard in our 6 week A New Year a New You Biggest Loser Challenge!  Just a reminder that you should not weigh yourself on a regular basis.  Success should be based on how you feel, how your clothes are fitting and remember not to get discouraged.  Just because the 6 week Challenge is up does not mean you should stop.  Keep it up!

The challenge was not just about the weight loss or the scale,  it was about lifestyle changes, feeling better about yourself and making healthy changes.  The real success is in your mood, energy and increased self esteem and awareness. It is about believing in yourself and knowing that you CAN achieve it.  Being healthy and fit is a journey, not an immediate fix.  If anyone is interested in a Private Biggest Loser Challenge to be accountable to me every week and make healthy changes, please Contact me for pricing details.

And the Winner is…


1st Place prize:

Julie Burgess-Nichols with a total of 9.90% of body and weight lost 15.6lbs lost.

Prize won:

$250 Fit4Females Gift Certificate and $191 cash for the penalty weigh in pod.  Julie worked hard in Cardio Boot Camp classes 3x/week, followed the MOM Challenges on her own at home and changed her diet.  I followed up with Julie many times during the challenge to track her progress.  Julie is determined, focused and has overcome serious weight loss issues.  In fact, she has lost 68lbs in one year with Fit4Females.  Here is a girl who came into classes and could not hold a plank for even seconds.  Julie worked hard to earn her strength, lean body and change her eating and fitness habits.   She is a strong and inspiring mother of a beautiful little girl.  Read Julie’s success story here.

Julie B Now

Julie Biggest Loser Winner

2nd Place prize:

Ashleigh Spagnuolo with a total of 7.78% of body weight lost and 14lbs. Prize won: $150 Spa Gift Certificate from Borselino Spa and $100 Gift Certificate for Kathy DeMerchant Photography.  Ashleigh is a proud Mom and attended F4F’s Cardio Boot Camp several times per week.  She was focused on eating well and exercise!  Way to go Ashleigh!

3rd Place prize:

Brenda H. with a total of  5.76% of body weight loss and 10.2lbs lost. Prize won: $50 Fit4Females Gift Certificate.  Brenda has made an amazing body transformation.   More than that, I watched Brenda’s smile every week get bigger and bigger.  Every week I have watched her get leaner and stronger in classes. Brenda attends regular Boot Camp classes at Fit4Females!  She is a proud Mama!

Brenda Before

Brenda Before Biggest loser


Brenda Winner Biggest Loser Challenge

39.8lbs were lost between these 3 ladies.  Despite the struggles of motherhood, life, stress, and everything else we face, they did it with NO EXCUSES.

Top mentions:

4th place Jared at 5.48%, 5th place Lyra at 5.37% and 6th place Nicole S at 5.29%  Way to go!

Great work everyone!  Keep it up and stay strong.

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