Fit4Females is excited to launch our August MOM Fit Challenge. Make a commitment right now that you won’t make excuses this month.  Start at your own level and work your way up.  MOM Challenges can be done anywhere, at home, on the road, at class, etc. Be sure to warm up and push as hard as you can during each set. Get a mat, set your timer and work it hard.


3o/20/10 Work it!

Set your timer for 7 minutes and work as hard as possible

30 Double unders (or 60 single skips)

20 Incline Hip bridges (or regular hip bridges on the floor or a stability ball) *start from the ground and raise hips up as high as possible challenging the back side of your body

10 Pushups

As many rounds as possible.  Work hard, use proper form and never sacrifice speed for technique.  This is a tough one!

Incline hip bridge

MOM Challenge Table Top Plank

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