Fit4Females is excited for our April MOM Fit Challenge.   Make a commitment right now that you won’t make excuses this month.  I’m here to support you and so are all of the Fit4Females fans.  Even our Toddlers are jumping on board to bang out this Challenge.  Check our our Facebook Video here!  Start at your own level and work your way up.



MOM Challenges can be done anywhere, at home, on the road, at class, etc.  Be sure to warm up and push as hard as you can during each set.  Get a mat, set your timer and work it hard.

“Spring Back Attack”

8 reps of everything for 6 minutes with no rest

  1. 8 High plank with left to right arm tap
  2. 8 Supermans face down (face down, extend arms in front of you and lift both arms and legs in a straight body line (more beginner: bird dog, progress to just upper body lift, etc)
  3. 8 crunches on a stability ball or floor
  4. 8 high knees (be sure to do 8 reps on each leg) Advanced: add a drop down tricep hover, hold for a beat, then a half burpee into the next move
  5. 8 pushups

Time:  6 minutes – 8 reps of everything.  Post your rounds in the comment section below

Nutrition Challenge

No processed food!  Imagine what your insides and waist line will look like if you replace it with healthy food for 30 days!  Try it.


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Yours in health, fitness and wellness

Trina Medves

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