Max it up in April! This month’s challenge is all about your own body weight and hitting as many reps as possible. Work hard and get stronger over the month.

5 exercises, 1 min each and 10 seconds to the next set.  Set your timer:

1 min Max Pushups (good form or it doesn’t count)
1 min Max air squats (Adv: squat with a plyo jump)
1 min max Mountain Runners (Adv: on a stability ball)
1 min Max Burpees or weighted woodchop (Adv: Weighted Ball Burpees)
1 min max Plank Jacks or regular plank hold (Adv: plank jacks on stability ball)

It’s only 5 min but it’s powerful. Do what you can. Be sure to warm up first. Repeat 3 rounds if you are doing this at home. I can’t wait to see you working it in classes.

Nutrition Challenge: Don’t eat 3 hours before bed and cut out added sugar. Everytime you break this rule/goal, give me 10 pushups and write them on your calendar. Everytime! I want to hear about your success/struggles and your total pushups for the month!

Always here to support you.  Thank you for reading.

Yours in health, fitness and wellness,

Trina Medves

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