370.4lbs lost between 39 competitors in 6 weeks.  These results did not include the 7 people that did not make the final weigh in last night.

I am so proud of everyone! More than the weight loss, there is a new found sense of confidence and self esteem in people, feelings of positive body image, the indescribable happy looks on people’s faces, people feeling better in their clothes, personal stories of anxiety and depression becoming less and less of an issue, tears of joy, support as a team, people changing their eating, sleeping and workout habits, awareness for stress eating and certain addictions, etc.

If I could bottle up the hugs, smiles and look in my clients eyes I would be able to spread positive happiness to the world forever. I can’t explain it in words. Congrats to all of you who made positive changes. It wasn’t easy over the toughest time of year. Seriously, it’s insane how many calories are consumed over the holidays. Although everyone wanted final numbers, it wasn’t about much weight you lost. It was about feeling better about yourself. Whether you lost 1 or 30 pounds, the amount is just a bonus. The real success is your mood, energy and increased self esteem. It is about believing in yourself and knowing that you CAN achieve it. I thank you for letting me be a part of that.

Fit4Females will be running another Challenge in 2012 so be sure to check your inboxes and the schedule on line for the dates. Now for the part that everyone is waiting for…. And the Winner is………………

1st Place prize: Sandra C with 23.1lbs lost and 12.12% of total body weight. Prize won: $250 Fit4Females Gift Certificate and $390 cash.  Stay tuned for her success story, how she did it and before and after pictures.  Sandra is a proud Stroller Mom who made a huge body transformation.  She made very important changes to her diet and fitness program.  Stay tuned for her success story, how she did it and before and after pictures.  Way to go!

2nd Place prize: Bobbi-Jo with 23.8lbs lost and 10.35% of total body weight. Prize won: $125 Arbonne Beauty and Nutrition Products.  Bobbi-Jo was very diligent with her nutrition and fitness plan.  She managed to make very healthy and dedicated decisions.  Stay tuned for her success story and how she did it.  Way to go!

3rd Place prize: Jared with an amazing weight loss and 10.03% of total body weight. Prize won: $50 Fit4Females Gift Certificate.  Jared made an amazing body transformation.  He made healthy nutrition choices and as a result got amazing results.  It was great watching the scale decrease significantly each week.  Way to go.
Top 10 mentions:

4th place Sara was only 0.3% away from winning 3rd place at 10.00%,
5th place at 7.99% was Andrea
6th place Katherine was at 7.92%
7th place Rosa at 7.49%
8th place Lindsay at 7.18%
9th place to Lyse at 6.49%
10th place to Lisa G at 6.28%

Pretty amazing out of 39 people. You all deserve to be very proud of yourselves.   Be sure to stay tuned for the before and after pictures. Be a part of the 2012 Fit4Females Biggest Loser Challenge! Click the link at the top of the page to the left.  You can do it!

Yours in health, fitness and wellness,

Trina Medves


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