Stop the excuses and start taking care of yourself before it’s too late!  Don’t wait for disease and health problems to start taking care of yourself.  What was Andrea’s secret and how did she make this amazing transformation? You won’t believe the Before and After pictures and how much she lost in total. In fact, she didn’t even believe it until today.   Fitness and Wellness is a Journey.  There is no quick pill.  Anybody can lose weight fast but keeping it off is more important than the weight loss itself.

How did she do it?  No magic pill, no 90 day challenge, no magic supplement, etc.  Andrea put in hard work, made changes to her eating and fitness habits and listened to my tips and suggestions.  Andrea attended regular classes at Fit4Females despite her busy schedule as a working Mom.  Andrea made it happen!

Andrea Scipione – BEFORE

“I was a very excited first time mom. So excited, that even though I wasn’t happy with the way I looked, I booked family photos because I knew that my daughter would grow fast and I would soon miss the opportunity for some photos when she was a baby……and c’mon, I couldn’t look that bad, right? Well, we got the photos back and let me tell you, they were never released for public viewing, until now. Once I saw those pictures I hit my breaking point. The way I looked was only half of it. The other half was knowing that I wasn’t healthy. I was already attending Cardio Boot Camp  so the next step was nutritional counselling with Trina Medves of Fit4Females. Most of all, I needed to be accountable to someone…..and Trina kinda scared me.

After that nutritional session, the weight started to come off. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work. But every week Trina checked in to see how I was doing, offered advice to help keep me on track when I was struggling and pushed and motivated me to work hard during every boot camp session….. and made me feel a bit guilty when I wasn’t! Most of all, when I met with Trina she honestly cared about my success. A huge thanks to the ladies at Fit4Females as well…..the constant support and encouragement was truly appreciated! Well I’m about 45lbs lighter. Trina helped me get something back that I had lost for a while. And for that I’m truly thankful!

Now, I have hit the expected plateau and have been stuck for quite a while. You know what that means….meet with Trina again and get ready for her to kick my butt! The sad thing is I can’t wait!” – Andrea



Before and After photos are great but is she maintaining it…

Not only is she maintaining it, she is ROCKING it!

BEFORE and TODAY, November 21, 2012

Actual Results

23.9 total inches lost

43.8 lbs lost

11.3% Body Fat Lost

9% decrease in waist to hip ratio

Did I mention these photos are unedited and real?

 Remember, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

Let Andrea’s story inspire you to get off the couch and take charge.  I am waiting for you to feel your best.  Amazing things happen when you believe in yourself and you find someone to support you.  I am here to help you!

Be sure to join Fit4Females’ A New Year a New You Biggest Loser Challenge  in January 2013.  Take charge.

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Yours in fitness, health and nutrition,

Trina Medves


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