It’s Thursdays with Trina and I’m feeling alive!  I posted this photo on Facebook because I was at the gym struggling wanting to get back to my pre-surgery range of motion and strength. My mind tells me I can pick it up and squat it but my body knows that it will take time. After Hip surgery I have to be patient and realistic.  If I didn’t think I could get back to squatting this barbell, I would want to give up.

Inner Beast Mind Processor

Isn’t it funny how powerful our mind can be?  We can convince ourselves of anything and you must find your inner beast.  If I thought “I can never do this again”, I would give up and sit on my couch and eat tons of chips (oh yes, I love me some chips!)   Instead, I thought “I can totally do this but I have to be patient and take it one step at a time and work up”.

Find Your Inner Beast

It’s no secret that I love to squat, lift, cross train and box.  I also like to chill and meditate.  I have to match my inner beast with my evil calm twin.  I call her my “evil calm twin” because remaining calm and patient is not my strong suit but I am continuing to learn everyday. My crazy evil twin is always trying to remind me to “remain patient and calm”.  Sometimes I want to box her!find-your-inner-beast-barbell-lift

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How to Find Your Inner Beast

Pay attention to your personal dialogue!

What words are you telling yourself every day?  Are you saying “I’m not good enough, I can’t, I’m to busy, I’m not strong enough?”  If you are, you will start to believe it.  Push passed it.Squat Oxygen

Talk to yourself as if you were coaching someone else.  What words would you say to that person?  How would you lift them up?

Accept where you are right now, get over it and then tame your weaknesses – “I hate pull ups so I’m going to do more of them!”

Find your “cup filler” – you know that person that fills your cup with goodness and positivity?

Convince yourself that you are WORTH the challenge whatever it is!

Find Your Inner Beast Dialogue

I will lift again, I will regain my strength and range of motion that I am so desperately longing and working for but for now, I am telling myself all of the positive things that I would coach my clients on.  Oxygen you are so right, squats will make you a bad a$$!

Coaches Orders

Repeat to yourself…

I WILL do this

I CAN do this

I AM doing this

Now what is it that you want to achieve?  Go after it like the awesome beast that you are.

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