The Fit4Females free A-T-T-A-C-K Challenge has come to an end.  Thank you for sharing your messages about how the Challenge changed you in a positive way, made you pay attention to bad habits and take an inventory of your life to change for the better, etc.  One member messaged us to say: “Just wanted to tell you that the August ATTACK challenge helped motivate me to battle through some pretty big anxiety in my life over the summer. I got through it and made it to the other side…..and the other side looks pretty damn good I must say!”

Thank you for being a part of our Challenge and  Facebook Event.  We hope that you were able to make one positive change and continue.

The Fourth and Final A-T-T-A-C-K Fan Winner is…



Julie Burgess-Nichols!


Sporting her F4F shirt 2 years in a row

at the Winona Peach Festival!

We cannot say enough about Julie.  Julie is one of our biggest raving fans, she commented on the A-T-T-A-C-K fan page every day, not because she had to but because the inspiration she has received from us is contagious and she loves to support and share with other fans and members.  Julie knows exactly what it’s like to be over weight, suffer from bad body image and she is a real life person who worked hard to get real life results without a diet pill or shake.  She worked hard to lose 50 plus pounds and she continues to take care of herself and her family while supporting all of our fans and members in class.  Julie is a ray of sunshine who does not enjoy getting the attention or spotlight but this is the time we are shining it on her.

Watching her support all of you during the challenge made it evident that she was our final winner.  Julie is a dedicated member at Fit4Females, she is a Mom, a wife and has completely changed her life in a positive way.  Julie is an inspiration to us at Fit4Females and we know that she is an inspiration to you.

Congrats to Julie on her $25 Fit4Females Gift Certificate and 30 minute Private Nutrition Session with our Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Trina Medves.

Read Julie’s Success Story Here


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