I have an 8 minute quick Fit4Females challenge for you.  For many women our butts and guts can be problem areas. Half the battle is just getting started so join our free community and get moving.  I’m here to support you and so are all of the Fit4Females fans. NO “buts” just toned butts!  We’ve included “Touch Downs and Kicks” that you can do at home.

“Butts and Guts” Workout Details

  • Includes a short total body conditioning for problem areas like butts, legs, guts, muffin tops and core
  • Low impact
  • The challenge will bring your heart rate up
  • 8 minutes is all you need
  • All body weight exercises and only 3 moves to remember
  • No excuses, no “buts” just ROCK IT
  • These free workout challenges can be done anywhere, at home, on the road, at class
  • Be sure to warm up and push as hard as you can during each set.
  • Get a mat, set your timer and work it hard.

Butts and Guts

8 minute challenge

  1. Single leg squat touch down with a front kick – right leg
  2. Single leg squat touch down with a front kick – left leg
  3. AB flutter kicks (small swimming flutters)
  4. Plank – Advanced?  Plank on elbows with a windshield wiper walk right to left

Time:  30 sec hard, 5 sec rest

Repeat each exercise 2x in a row (i.e.: #1 twice, then #2, #3, #4 then start back at #1, etc.)

Do the Challenge twice in a row with little or no break depending on your fitness level.

Nutrition Challenge

  • Plan out your meals for the week
  • Write down your breakfast, lunch or dinners
  •   Start small and remember no “buts”.

Meal Planner

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