Time to get real with fast food, toxins and bad habits.  I’ve got a challenge for you.   I used to be a drive-thru and fast food junkie.  I loved Wendy’s, Harvey’s, Taco Bell and especially the fries supreme without the meat.  

Fast Food, Toxins and Changing Bad Habits

The Toronto Star recently reported that there is a recall on the Maple Leaf chicken strips and burgers because of contamination.  Read more here.  Yet another reason to reduce fast food, toxins and eating from a box.  I challenge you to ramp up eating from good sources and reduce fast food.  I have lots of quick and easy recipes here.  

My 28 day Shape Up Challenge is running and the Members are passing up opportunities to eat from boxes, kicking their old bad habits and getting rid of toxins along the way.  

It’s not about being perfect so it’s okay if you go out for dinner or eat from a box once in awhile but do not make it a regular habit to fill your body and cells with toxins.

We are not meant to eat chemicals.  I challenged ourFit4Females Members in classes to change one bad habit that wasn’t serving them.  Time to make changes, get your mind right and put one foot in front of the other.

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Step #1 Habit Changing “Recognize”

Pick one habit that is no longer serving you.  Examples could be reducing fast food, alcohol, chips, sugar, decreasing caffeine, schedule a workout or get to bed earlier.  You don’t have to completely stop eating fast food, drinking wine or cutting sugar cold turkey but think of it as bicep curls or crunches for your bad habits.  It takes WORK to see the improvements!

When my kids were small, I was so tired that I found myself in the Wendy’s drive-thru and I was living off Tim Horton’s double-doubles.  I was eating fast food more than I should have been and I was fueling myself with the wrong foods.

Step #2 Habit Changing “What’s your Trigger”

Let’s use the example of someone who tends to overeat.  Think about what their triggers are.  Is it emotional?  Are they bored?  Is it habit?  I need you to recognize what those monster triggers are that make you overeat.

My triggers when I was pulling through Wendy’s were because I was tired, full of excuses not to cook and bad planning because I had 3 kids under the age of 4.

Beware of triggers that come up such as; ‘I’m failing anyway so who cares’, ‘I’ll start tomorrow because my kids are driving me crazy’, ‘oh well I never succeed anyway’, ‘I try another time’ as those triggers will make you keep doing the habit and feed into making your excuses stronger than your reasons to quit.

It’s not enough to say ‘Trina, I’m going monster crush my bad habit’, you have to recognize your triggers.

Take Action To Dos

  1. Jump into my Free Talk with Trina Facebook Group for group support and free tips along the way.  
  2. Get a piece of paper,  write down your bad habit and your triggers and let us hold you accountable in the Free Group.  Not a list of bad habits, I just want you to pick ONE BAD HABIT.
  3. Change the habit that’s all I need you to do but remember it’s not real action step if you don’t do both steps mentioned above.  Let’s monster crush the habit and triggers that are no longer serving us.

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Let’s do this!

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