F4F takes pride in supporting you in every way possible. We want to see you fulfill your fitness goals and keep you accountable while having an incredible experience in our Award Winning Programs. We pride ourselves on the personal attention that we give our members and therefore limit our class sizes. Make up classes will always be encouraged when and if space is available however they are never guaranteed.  Please consider purchasing a F4F Flex Pass if you will be missing several classes.  How to claim a make up:

  1. Maximum 4 free make ups per session *provided that you early cancel in the time provided
  2. Please early cancel your class here under “my account” *No early cancel, no free make
  3. Classes must be made up within your registered session, no carry overs. No exceptions.
  4. Please email  your requested make up class. If there is room, we will add you.  If the class is full, as members cancel, you will be moved from the wait list onto the roster and you will be notified by email/text that you can attend the class.

Thank you for your cooperation.