If you are shift worker, stressed for time, lacking in energy, stressed for a workout, then this segment and workout is for you! I had the pleasure of apprearing on CHCH News with Nicola Jones for her Take it Outside segment once again.  Problem:  As a early shift worker herself, Nicola struggles to fit in a workout.  Solution:  Trainer Trina Medves to the rescue with a Tabata Quick Fix!  Being a busy Mom of 3, I don’t have the luxury of much spare time, so Tabata training is the perfect solution.

Check out the video and workout below.  Get a total body workout in 30 minutes from start to finish!  Don’t have 30 min?  Choose a 4 minute workout below.  Either way, this will get your blood pumping, increase your energy and stamina and leave you feeling awesome!  HIIT (high intensity interval training) is one of my favourite ways to train.

What is Tabata

Simply put, Tabata is a way of training in 20 second intervals with 10 seconds of rest.  Each round is 4 minutes.  20 seconds of intense work so HIIT it hard!

How to incorporate Tabata

Add it to your current workout or try 1 circuit at the end of your program.  Any exercise can be incorporated, keep it simple and have fun.

20 seconds of intense training

10 seconds of rest

Total of 8 sessions or rounds = 4 min


Fit4Females Tabata Quick Fix Workout for Shift Workers

Warm up (4 min)

20 sec Jumping Jacks,  10 sec run on the spot

20 sec Body Squat (aka air squats, no weight),  10 sec run on the spot

20 sec  Low skater, 10 sec run on the spot

20 sec Hamstring kick ups (alternate L and R), 10 sec run on the spot

Repeat 2x = 4 min

Circuit 1   click here to watch part 1 (CHCH.com)

20 sec Squat with a plyo jump (no jump if beginner), 10 sec rest

20 sec Low Skater (bend at hips, keep back straight and tall)  Adv: Jump high and wide, 10 sec rest

20 sec Crunches (Adv: Cradle crunch tuck knees into chest then out), 10 sec rest

20 sec Plank or Mountain Runners, 10 sec rest

Repeat 2x = 4 min total + 1 min rest

Circuit 2 (Band) – click here to watch part 2 (CHCH.com)

20 sec Band side step, 10 sec rest

20 sec of single bicep curls (strong and quick), 10 sec rest

20 sec of back rows with band (attach to something secure), 10 sec of rest

20 sec of band squats, 10 sec rest

Repeat 2x = 4 min total + 1 min rest

Circuit 3

20 sec Burpees (or jump squats), 10 sec rest

20 sec of High 5 Oblique Crunches (on a stability ball if advanced) 10 sec rest

Repeat 4x = 4 min total + 1 min rest

Circuit 4

20 sec  2 frog jumps forward, 2 frog jumps back

20 sec pushups

Repeat 4x = 4 min total + 1 min rest

Finale:  20 second sprint, 10 sec rest, repeat 2x (1 min total)

Cool Down

Be sure to cool down and stretch for 5 minutes.  Stretching is important for energy prevention and also to allow your body to rest.  Be calm, focus on your breath and be sure to stretch, hams, glutes, quats, chest, abs, etc..  Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds.

Total Time: 30 min!

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