Fit4Females takes pride in offering programs that cater to all fitness levels, from the most beginner to advanced participant.  Let’s face it, walking into your first fitness class can be intimidating.   Not knowing what to expect, wondering if you will “stand out” because you are not in “great shape”, worrying if you are going to be able to keep up, what the Instructor/Trainer might expect from you, etc.  Fit4Females is a place where women come to feel empowered and supported by the Trainer and the group.  Making it to your first class is a big deal!   It’s a step that we all must take because we are important enough and we deserve it.

I am proud to feature Nadira as our F4F March Member of the Month.  Nadira can be seen here doing our  March MOM Fit Challenge .  This was her second class and she is doing Donkey Handstand Kick ups 7 months after delivering her son (by the way, she is not a gymnast and has never been!)  She is very motivated and we are so proud to have her with us.  Let Nadira inspire you to join us in a class.

Nadira Member of the Month

“Trina, exercising is helping me feel like myself again. You’re always a Mom.  Stroller Programs are something for me too!   I am almost 36 and didn’t think that I was going to be able to get my pre-pregnancy body back. But now after taking your classes I’m already noticing a difference in firmness.  The F4F ladies are so great in classes. They are friendly and in the same boat so your not intimidated at all and have people to help who understand what you are going through.  By the way, my a$# is so sore!!!!  Loving it:)” . Nadira Huskic-Stoddart

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F4F offers Stroller Fitness, Mom and Me Yoga, Cardio Boot Camp, Box Fit, Tabata Boot Camp and so much more.  Check out our Programs, Schedule and Pricing.

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