It’s my favourite time of the week, Thursdays with Trina. Take your health seriously right now, today. Why do we wait for injury and sickness before we realize we are not superheroes immune to anything?  Stress = Injury = Sickness = Death and suffering.  When I had my hip surgery on May 23, 2014, I had to listen to a bunch of ignorant people tell me “see, too much exercise hurt your hip”.  Even though that was completely untrue and my injury was as a result of the shape of my femoral head (bone), it got me thinking.  Even if my injury was caused by exercise, the alternative is being inactive with heart disease, diabetes, etc.  Which is worse?


I choose to live now, move now and I consider eating healthy, exercising and sleep to be mandatory just like taking a shower and it’s also my life insurance plan against all other things.  Let’s face it, I may not live a long life considering we have a long line of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  My Mom died at 38 and my dad died at 54, those are some pretty crazy odds for me to beat.  I want to live a long life but more than a long life I want a quality life.

Today I challenge you to change.  Here is some homework for Thursdays with Trina:

  1. Drink more water and add lemon
  2. Move, sweat and repeat – It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do but do it
  3. Get to bed!  Stop the TV, social media, phones – go to bed 15 minutes earlier every night for 14 days
  4. Dance everyday because dance helps us let go of stress which helps us live longer
  5. Write down all of your bad habits on a piece of paper, change one, put the paper away  and review that piece of paper 30 days from now
  6. Stop scaring yourself out of things – Stop the negative talk, stop the I can’t do it, I’m too scared, I might fail and like Nike says “Just Do It!”
  7. Make a PLAN!  I’m running a 90 minute N.E.W. No Excuses Wellness Seminar on November 26 at 7:30 pm.  It’s the best money you will spend on yourself.  Click here for more details and to register now.

This a great video. Take action now and control what you can so that whatever is beyond your ccontrol you can worry less about.



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