My life is all about eating clean and doing it in the simplest way possible.  For me, cooking from a box is not an option or a “way of life”.  Prepared food are filled with preservatives and ingredients that I do not want to put in my body.  Especially if my goal is to live long, with great skin, happy moods and instill a healthy lifestyle in the people around me.  This recipe came about when I was in a pinch.   It was fast, tasty and nutritious.  Portion sizes vary person to person.  I had 2 plates but only 1 piece of bread.

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I never measure anything because I know how much is a good portion size.  Ingredients:

2 Sweet Onions –  2 Organic Broccoli bunches- 2 big bunches of Kale (any left over veggies in your fridgeand overload on the greens, they are great left over on a sandwich, etc.) – Coconut oil – Lemon – Garlic – Pepper – Rice Vinegar – “free from” boneless skinless chicken breast – sprouted Grain Bread to toast – Spreadable Goat’s cheese

The grilled chicken was left over from another meal (home made marinade which I will share in another blog any home made marinade is fine).

Saute onions in a pan until soft (I only use water, let them brown and a bit of water to mix the flavour).

Add Coconut Oil, Broccoli for a few minutes then Kale until slightly wilted (garlic if you love it),

Everything should be crunchy, add fresh pepper, a squeeze of lemon and a touch of rice vinegar (1tbsp)

Let the flavours run together with the veggies

Pop the bread in the toaster, top with Spreadable Goat’s Cheese (a great alternative to cream cheese)

Top the Grilled Chicken with Salsa!

Serve and enjoy your Easy Power Greens and Protein Supper.

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